Sleep, Sleep, Sleep! Day 8 of Advocares Cleanse Phase

Saturday, January 05, 2013 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Today was one of those days where I woke up full of energy, ran errands, came home and had an awesome lunch and fell asleep.  As much energy has I have, I still need to sleep.  15% of weight loss is rest.  In order to have sharp mental focus, a high metabolism and allow your body to recover from workout, you need sleep.  More than 35 percent of American adults are obese and more than 28 percent sleep less than six hours a night.  If you can't sleep weight loss can help, and sleeping can help you lose weight.  Once you begin to fuel your body with good, clean eating and maintain a high energy level during the day, you will lose weight and sleep better.  Here is a great article called Lose sleep and gain weight...check it out.

In order to be able to prepare healthy meals at home, what are some useful time-saving tips?  Make sure you have the right kitchen tool for the job. A really good chef's knife and chopping board, for example, make short work of any necessary dicing and chopping job.
· Learn the ease of stir-frying ¿ a quick and healthy way to get vegetables on the table in minutes.
· Do your main grocery shopping once a week, and shop from a list.
· Wash fresh herbs when you get home from your once-a-week grocery shopping. Wrap in damp paper towel and store in a sealable plastic bag so they are always ready to use when you need them.
· Devote one afternoon or evening each week to preparing dishes that can be heated and served another day.
· Make double batches of casseroles and soups. Serve one and freeze the other for later use.
· When cooking rice, prepare large batches and freeze in one- or two-cup portions in seal-able plastic bags. Use later for soups, casseroles, stir-fried dishes, etc.
· Learn to prepare food in a slow cooker. Food cooks while you are busy doing other things.
· Keep a well-stocked pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Preparing delicious and healthy week-night meals is much easier if you have basic ingredients on hand.

Day 8:
FIBER DRINK DAY 8!  Yay!  Now, I just take two tiny pro-biotic tablets and 3 Catalyst to give my metabolism a boost.  Again today, I have a Cliff Bar.  I have found that I LOVE the Cliff Protein Builders Bars for a super quick breakfast.  They are the closest to a 1:1 Carb/Protein ratio that I could find on the fly.  I found them the cheapest at Earth Fare. Take 3 OmegaPlex with food. Still shooting to have 1000ml of water in my body before my Mid Morning snack and that includes my fiber drink and shake. Easy Peasy!

Workout today consisted the Advocare CAN YOU 24 VIDEO!!!  It was like Christmas for me when that came yesterday.  My husband and I did the Core Stretch today, it's like beginners yoga.  The stretching was amazing.

Mid Morning:
Before I let myself get hungry I have a small packet of unsalted almonds and a bottle of water, 500 ml.
30 minutes before lunch I am going to take 3 Catalyst to feed my body a little protein before time to eat.  When I sit down to eat I will take 3 OmegaPlex as well.

Today for lunch I used my left over Tilapia fillet from yesterday and mixed it with a dollop of the Earth Balance mayo.  I ate it on an open face slice of whole grain bread and had the left over side of greens today from last night, I included an apple as well.

Mid Afternoon:
Shame on me...I slept through my snack but when I woke up I had a Spark which has amino acids and some catalyst.  Good healthy proteins curbed my hunger until dinner.
Dinner:  Tonight I felt a little bit stuck on dinner.  I have tons of frozen veggies in the freezer and chicken already cooked.  So, I visited one of my new favorite websites... and found some amazing recipes.  I thought I would give this one a try...The Skinny Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup.  You have got to try it!  My chicken was already cooked, so I it made it even easier to make this dish.

Before Bed:
We all need a bedtime snack.  Catalyst will do tonight, it is pure protein and what my body needs.  I will finish my last bottle of water before going to bed and take my Herbal Cleanse tablets.

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