That Hidden Part

I am living a very good life, I have to say.  My journey is blessed.

I did my best to play the hand I was dealt correctly.  Mom called it "playing my cards right."  I was committed to my high school sweetheart, married him, had 3 beautiful boys, built a beautiful home together, earned 2 degrees, and I get to be a stay at home mom.  How did I become so blessed?

I'll tell you a secret...

When I look at my life I compare it to others.  Have you ever heard, "comparison is the thief of joy?"

It most certainly is.
I compare my short comings with the women who have spectacular homes, children dressed like gap models, shiny new cars, perfect gift bags at parties, and I even study what they wear.  I try to figure out how I can be more like the things I admire about other women. 
I compare my lack of short comings too.

I've never been touched by disease or divorce. My kids are healthy and alive.  
My husband loves me now more than ever, I have a beautiful home, a debt free car, and like to hand make many of my gifts that I give.  I try to understand how my life also seems so perfect and wonder what real testimony is God giving me.
I don't know how to comfort the sick, the mothers of dying babies, the women who have experiences rape, or grieve past abortions.  I don't know how to speak to a mother who has miscarried or buried a baby, or endured years of infertility treatments.  I don't know what to say to a neighbor who has lost a spouse or a friend caught in the middle of divorce.  So many things I feel unequipped for. 
He doesn't call the equipped...He equips the called.  That is such a mystery to me.  He leaves me amazed at this concept. 
Someone asked me the question:
"Has there been a time when you felt punished by God?  How has that affected your relationship with Him?"
My answer:
Jake's genetic disorder, closing the doors of my business, arms that are empty of my daughter, a time when my marriage was loveless....I feel I should be punished more severely.  I feel as though I am waiting in expectation for a tragedy that resulted from my sins and all the awful things I have done.  When I bring my worship to God on Sunday morning, it feels unworthy. It feels dirty and unclean.

Every time I bathe I think of the filth that has to be washed away and how it collects on my skin everyday.  As much as I enjoy a nice hot bath, my bath water never stays clear.  It is muddied up with the dirt from the day which must be scrubbed clean.  Even the soap leaves a film.  Scum!
So, when I hear the words that my Jesus washes me clean, I can't believe it.  All of this filth?  Really?  I yelled at my kids and husband, I threw things, I got angry that the kids didn't do their chores...I'm not their maid.  I spoke unkindly about someone I knew and spread gossip.  I envied my friends things and I disrespected my husband.  I was lazy.  My idle hands always mean trouble.  Left to my own thoughts, the devil finds a foothold for confusion.


Every time I sweep the floor I am amazed at the filth that has collected in the corners and crevices and hidden places and in plain sight.  Sweeping and cleaning is a daily job.  It too reminds me of the filth we make daily.  Between the dog and 3 little boys the messes are non stop.  I see the beauty in my family and life, but whew, the mess we leave behind.

Then I read Psalms 51

In my humanity I feel dirty.  My Lord Father doesn't make me feel that way.  It's my own expectations and short comings that make me dirty and feel worthless.  When David wrote the Psalms he was missing the mark in his own life big time.  He wasn't even close getting it right until he was caught in his sin, but He knew what I also know...our God washes it all way for good.  There is no daily need to wash, there is no film or scum left behind.  The part of me that matters most, my soul, is clean.  My heart and my spirit are renewed daily when I seek Him but He has washed my soul clean.  I will make mistakes and mess up but He chooses to see only the best in me simply because of my love for Him.  Even my love for Him seems small in comparison for all He has done for me.  So, it's the overwhelming love that washes over me that leaves me in awe.  Me?  Really?  He did that for me?  I'm not deserving of that kind of love. 
I can't even give that kind of love back? 
He's not asking me too.  He's not asking you too.

David simply recognized his human frailty and sinfulness when he saw God's holiness.  Whatever sins we try to cover and hide, God will uncover.  What we uncover, He covers.

Psalms 28:13
Is 6:5
Ex 12:22
1King 4:33

You know, what all this means.  As mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters when we love God, we become part of His Will and carry an important responsibility into our "Mission Field".  All of those little ones and loved ones around us need for us to speak life into them.  We must not only remind ourselves, but remind those in our mission field that they are loved and forgiven.  We lift those loved ones up and encourage them to live righteously.  We are loved and are worthy.  As believers we are washed clean and set apart.  We are daughters of a King. 

David wasn't a man after God's own heart because David didn't sin.
He was a man after God's own heart because he kept coming back to God.

7 Kid-Friendly Freezer Meals in 85 mins!

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I Punched Morbid Obesity & Diabetes (Type 2) in the Face!

It was one of those days I'll never forget, all three of my little boys had a baseball game.  My husband was working that Saturday and it was all on me to get three boys to three different fields at the same time.  Before we could leave I had to give myself a injection, the first one of the day.  It was supposed to be a new drug that would help my pancreas work better because of my insulin resistance.  I held my breath gave myself a shot, packed up my boys and left the house. It was going to be a long day away from home and I was dreading what was coming.

When we got to the fields I knew I was in trouble.  I was nauseated and sweating.  I felt weak and panicked.  I was already heavier than I had ever been at that point in my adult life so dragging my boys ball bags (which were bigger than those little guys) through the swarm of people at the ball field was a struggle.  I sat through 2 games and knew I needed to go home, I just wasn't going to make it all day.  My oldest son had not played ball yet and I figured I had time to run all the way back home and hopefully make it back when I felt better.  It was the only thing I knew to do.

As I pulled into our drive way I went straight to our powder room and threw up.  With tears streaming down my face, I couldn't stop it.  It happened every day like clockwork.  The doctor said it would help me lose weight.  I didn't want it to happen like this.  This miracle drug was supposed to help me but what it was doing was taking away my quality of life.  My dose had just been doubled so what I could barely tolerate before at half a dose was now a nightmare of a dose.  My poor babies had to witness this many times.  I would come out of the bathroom and grab a cold cloth and lay down and cry.  Different medications were tried and before I knew it, I was on 2 oral and 1 injection and my health was spiraling out of control. I constantly felt sick and nothing worked.
I was searching for hope.  I know what you're and exercise, right?  I was doing that.  There were times when I'd eat fast food but for the most part I cooked meals at home and went to the gym religiously for months at a time with no results.  I was on a hamster wheel with my health.  A friend went with me to the gym once and said "Anyone that works out this hard should be able to lose weight".  Light bulb moment!  It was, what I thought, pathetic.  I couldn't win.  If only there was an answer out there.  My mind was always tuned in to find a better answer and then one day in the Spring of 2012 I heard a television report about gastric bypass and it being the miracle, instant cure for Type 2 Diabetes.  I knew at my next appointment I would be asking about this option, it was the only thing I thought I had left.
I will never forget the day I sat in my doctors office, showed him the site reactions to the latest injections so he could feel the hard knots.  They weighed on a scale with a giant screen me like always.  It was mortifying every 3 months to see that my efforts were failing me.  My efforts now included skipping meals to reserve calories, working long hours, and being exhausted  This time was especially sad for me, I had spent months sitting at a desk in a classroom my weight was the highest it had every been and it was embarrassing.  We talked about gastric bypass and he handed me the number of the doctor to call while saying "I think that will be a great option for you."  I called, I didn't hesitate, and attended a seminar that explained all the options, benefits and dangers.  I wasn't the biggest girl in the room.  I also couldn't believe that my life had landed me in the chair I was sitting in.  After I met with the doctor and he said "Good news, you are an excellent candidate."  I was labeled morbidly obese that day and scheduled to come back for further consultation and bloodwork.
Boy, did I wrestle with those words "morbidly obese".  I looked them up and read that it basically means a slow death by fat.  FAT! Toxic fat.  My blood pressure was rising, my blood sugars were rising, my weight was rising, and I felt there was nothing I could do to stop it.  Then I received the news that my insurance did not cover anything weight loss, not even a dietician.  They said I could pay out of pocket, around $22,000.   I considered it.  I kept picturing a healthier me and one that could wear cute clothes again, play with her children, and feel good.  I could be a  mom without medication that made her sick and one that felt well enough to enjoy her growing children. More than anything I just wanted to reverse what was happening to me.  So I prayed and prayed again. The answer to my prayers had been in front of me all along...a friend had tried to share it with me months earlier.
At my doctors office, for my next appointment,  I told him that gastric bypass wasn't going to be an option and that I was already trying to run and eat healthy.  I asked him about the program that was working for my friend and if he'd heard of it.  He said he had and said to go for it and walked out with 3 prescriptions in hand.  I did give that program a try.

My husband lost 75 pounds
3 months on the program and 3 months later for my regularly scheduled check up I went in and they weighed me...nearly 30 pounds gone.  They did my blood work, sent me to a room and I waited.  A little while later the doctor enthusiastically came in and said, wow!  First, he told me I looked great and he could tell something different was going on.  One look at my bloodwork told the whole story.  He was floored by the results. 

Before my weight loss journey I maxed out at 256 pounds on the doctor scale.
Before leaving his office he said
"If there were a drug that could do for my patients in 1 year what you did in 3 months, it would be a billion dollar drug." 
I just smiled.  It wasn't a drug.  PRAISE GOD, it wasn't another drug.  He also said,
"No more medication for you, you're doing it the right way."
My blood glucose levels were in a normal range, my blood pressure was normal again, and my cholesterol was looking fabulous.  I skip hopped right out of that doctors office.  Routine check up's continue to reveal the truth.

Over 3 years later and I have lost nearly 70 pounds.  I still have more to go and I'm going to do it.  I'm going to do it the healthy way that lasts and helps me live longer.  I want to be around, God willing, to hug my boys and dance with them when they get married, to hold their babies.  I don't mind going home to Heaven but I don't want to go by way of slow suicide by fat and I'm not going to.  I've been medication free for over 3 years as well.  I've worked hard for my results and I've stayed as consistent as humanly possible.  I've had bad days and great days.  I've ran 13 miles and I've walked 1 mile, I've lifted weights, and I've done yoga.  Crossfit and bootcamps, too!  All because I want to and can.  Whatever it is that I want out of this life for my health, I know I can achieve it. 
See that coffee I'm's useless ya'll.
I wish I could tell you right here in this post what the program is but I can't.  FDA won't allow it!  It's sickening to me.  To me it's like knowing Jesus saves but not being able to share the gospel because the government doesn't support the claims.  I'm not withholding information on purpose, I'm not looking for anything but to give someone hope.  Meal plans and coaching are free.  I do believe you must pair everything you do with plenty of rest and exercise.  I am also not promising that my results are typical because I have no idea what that would even mean for you.  What I am saying is that if you will contact me I would love to share with you how I achieved results and have helped others as well.  A simple click of the contact me button.  It worked for me and I believe it will work for you, it's a lifestyle and a mindset change.  We just want to touch as many lives as we can.

Unrefined Beauty Necklace Giveaway

Last Christmas I was given a beautiful gift that was handmade by a dear friend.  There are so many things I love about my necklace.  It goes with everything, I get to wear a cross all the time, it's made from a vintage carpenters ruler, and it was made by a friend.  I could go on and on but more than likely if you see me out, I'm wearing this stunning creation.

The back story behind these necklaces is beautiful and  each one serves as a reminder of how we are all each so unrefined, always a work in progress and are beautiful to our Creator.
Aren't you falling in love?  Keep scrolling!
I thought I'd snap a quick shot just so you can see that I actually do wear this almost every day.
This necklace was my gift from my sweet friend and I wanted I wanted one of my readers to have one as well.  Isn't it precious?
Image Courtesy of Whistle Bridges in Rome, GA
These are available at limited boutiques in North Georgia and you can visit or order them online.  The ladies in my family will be getting these for Christmas and I'm already making my list.
I want to introduce you to my beautiful friend who creates these amazing necklaces.
Marie Green is a wife and mother whose whole heart is seen here.  She resides in Rocky Face, Ga and is a teacher at heart.  She loves making these one of a kind carpenter ruler pieces enhanced with rustic and shabby chic elements. Our Ultimate Ruler was a carpenter- unrefined to a beautiful life.
When you purchase her pieces you are supporting a small business owner with a passion to turn her creativity into an opportunity to contribute to her family.  There is nothing closer to my heart than supporting mommas who are trying to make a difference within her own four walls and community.
Marie has so generously agreed to giveaway won of her creations to one Homespun-Threads reader.
That gets me excited!
Register to win at the bottom of this post.
Sharing this post on social media also increases your chances to win.
If you want to order or purchase necklaces check out these two boutiques in North Georgia.
Whistle Britches A Rustic Boutique for Men and Women. Clothing, Gifts, & Accessories. 206 Broad Street, Suite 100 Rome, GA 30161 706-936-3534 Sunday 1-5 Mon-Sat 10-7
Follow them at Instagram

Raspberry Row offers a varied array of gift ideas ranging from Ahava to Aromatique, Casafina to Cucina, Rewined Candles to Southern Tide, Vietri to Votivo. With these lines and many more, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.  205 West Cuyler Street Dalton, Georgia 30720 (706) 277-3500 Email: and visit or

Now, time for a GIVEAWAY!
Marie will contact the winner at the end of the giveaway.  The winner will pick 1 Unrefined Beauty Necklace from 3 that she has waiting for you.
Unrefined Beauty Necklace Giveaway

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