Love Your Body, Day 7 of the Advocare Cleanse Phase

Friday, January 04, 2013 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Today was a crazy workout day.  I did Week 3 of Jillian Michaels 30 Days Ripped.  I'm going to pay tomorrow.  That woman is intense BUT it felt so good to do something for my body.  I also treated my self to a deep tissue massage.  I finally decided it was time to do something for myself, something I had never done before.  NEVER!  I loved it!  I think I yelled out once or twice...haha.  If you have never had a deep tissue massage, you should.  It will leave you breathless and smiling.

Can I do the 24 Day Challenge if I am pregnant?  You sort of can.  Pregnant women should never take herbal supplements without a doctors approval but there are products you can take.  Always consult your distributor and ask for a list of products that are safe, then take that to your doctor.

Is there an age limit?  Children under 18 need to consult their doctor AND there are products to avoid for the same reasons as above.  However, there are plenty of products that help kids become more and more healthy.  My children beg for the vitamins and Spark.

Day 7:
NO MORE FIBER DRINK until DAY 8!  Yay!  Now, I just take two tiny pro-biotic tablets and 3 Catalyst to give my metabolism a boost.  I have found that I LOVE the Cliff Protein Builders Bars for a super quick breakfast.  They are the closest to a 1:1 Carb/Protein ratio that I could find on the fly.  I found them the cheapest at Earth Fare. Take 3 OmegaPlex with food. Still shooting to have 1000ml of water in my body before my Mid Morning snack and that includes my fiber drink and shake. Easy Peasy!

Workout today consisted the Jillian Michaels butt kicking workout, 30 Day Ripped, week 3 and free weight lifting for arms, shoulders and back.

Mid Morning:
Before I let myself get hungry I have a small packet of unsalted almonds, and I mixed my water with Rehydrate, 16 times better than power-aid and tastes amazing!
30 minutes before lunch I am going to take 3 Catalyst to feed my body a little protein before time to eat.  When I sit down to eat I will take 3 OmegaPlex as well.

Tilapia fillet again today except with a sweet soy glaze, steamed stir fry veggies and steamed brown rice, YUMMO!  I'm looking for recipes to try online because I'm not very imaginative with my meals.  So, I will share those findings soon.

Mid Afternoon:
All afternoon I drink an additional 500 ml of water until snack time.  I love almonds, they are my go to snack.  I eat so much for lunch that I'm not hungry and so I have to kind of make myself snack in the afternoon so I don't become famished by dinner.
Dinner:  Grilled chicken with Montreal Chicken seasoning, collard greens with hot sauce and vinegar and tons of them.

Before Bed:
We all need a bedtime snack.  Catalyst will do tonight, it is pure protein and what my body needs.  I will finish my last bottle of water before going to bed and take my Herbal Cleanse tablets.

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