Create a Pumpkin Stencil of Your Child

Wednesday, October 26, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

You can use just about any picture of your child but pick a few and try this technique on all of them so you get the best one.  Pick from high quality pictures that don't have too much detail to them.
Using your Photoshop program de-saturate your image and turn it into gray scale.

 You will then want to increase your contrast until it looks something like this.

For a more detailed tutorial go here.  I was able to do this in fewer steps and loved the results.  I think it even looks better in person.  

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  1. This Halloween activity is very interesting. We don't do it here in our place, maybe because we find it unethical to carve pumpkins as if we're making fun of a vegetable. But seriously, I am amazed with how talented those who could carve. Thanks for these pumpkin carving stencils . I would love to list them on my collection please. Cheers and good day always!


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