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I have several "medicine cabinets" and a first aid kid and every one of them was a mess.
Below are the improvements I made and some links to more ideas plus a check list of things you should have on hand.  This was SO worth the extra effort!

Kids Medicine Cabinet

Quick, where's the lip balm? Tissues? Cough Drops?

Minimize to Maximize
 Our downstairs bathroom only needs a few things.  A stock of hand soap, quick grabs, and stuff for the boys hair for when we are rushing out the door in the mornings.  Random burn relief and  hydrogen peroxide because we need it from time to time in the kitchen around the corner.  
First Aid Kit Stocked!
 We NEVER could find the ointments but magically they have been found and put in their proper place.

Out of sight, out of mind.
Adult medicines and various other necessities are on a wall in our walk in closet, up high.  I have to get a stool to get a good look.  Lots of opened packages of allergy, sinus, pain relief, cold & flu and tummy aches are now sorted in a container.  The rest are just hanging out.

I made this last year as a printable to use.
Click to go to the post from 2012.

Here are a few good links I loved.

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Want to know how I was able to stop taking RX "band-aids" and regain my health.
I'd love for you to read my story here

I got pretty emotional when I realized that was just a fraction of the meds I have come off of due to a health life style.   Just thought I'd share this for anyone who is going through what I did...
& yes one was to help me lose weight and it never worked for me.

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