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Tuesday, January 07, 2014 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

This was how it all started...

 Time to PURGE

I installed a top to an old hutch for my jewelry.

This old hutch is hung on the wall and I added "scrapbook paper" as to cover the old paint.
I don't trust old paint.  This is my version of a jewelry chest.
I am a collector of true junk jewelry.

About half of my wardrobe is gone and being donated.  I feel like such a girl now!

Here's how it all started...

A while back, as I was sitting in my closet with the door closed so I wouldn't disturb James sleeping and looked around my closet I thought, the dust around the baseboards is killer, I mean a real collection of dust bunnies and I should spend more time cleaning in my closet...anytime at all.

I decided to close my eyes to ignore the dust bunnies, even though they were plaguing me badly, so that I could focus on what I was there to do...spend time with my Lord.  I soon found that tears were running down my face, and fast.  Tears of release!  I go to my closet when I need to be with God and the need was great. His Spirit is so sweet!  It just so sweetly comes and lifts away my burdens.

When I opened my eyes, He had given me a whole new perspective.  I looked and saw beautiful dresses, shoes I never wear, warm blankets folded on the shelve, memories in photo albums, gifts I cherish, and so much more.  See, all that noise in my head before prayer and all those little things that were bothering me were "bitterness".  They were sour and unappreciative.  While I was sitting in my closet alone with God He did something amazing.  He showed me the beautiful little gifts He had been giving me throughout the years and that I had been collecting. To anyone else in the world who had less, they would consider them treasures.

Yes, there are dust bunnies that need capturing by my vacuum, clutter, and yes there is a dirtiness in our life we can get so focused on that we can't see the little gifts God is leaving us.  We are surrounded by treasures where ever we are.  There is not one place in life that God's light can not shine. When we get so focused on one little dirty issue we miss the blessings He has been giving us and we could have been collecting...not the dust bunnies, but the other stuff.  He wants to fill our closets so full that we have to give stuff away.  He wants to bless our lives so abundantly that we just keep giving more and more away.  That's His idea of our cups running over.

So, why aren't we desperate to seek His glory?  Why aren't our eyes constantly looking for His gifts?  Why do we not get excited and overjoyed with the treasures He lays down at our feet?  Because we are spoiled little children.We expect goodness all the time but when it's time to learn a lesson we fight Him and run from Him.  Is it fear?  Is it shame?  Is it selfishness?  Is it defiance?

I have mentioned many times, God deals with me in my closet, in private.  He showed me a little more deeply what I was to learn there.  So, I cleared the clutter and made room for new treasures, in my closet and in my life.

Find your quite place and rest in Him.  Cry out to Him all your pain and bitterness.  Set this time apart just for Him so that He can answer your cries.  Slow down life long enough to spend time with Him daily because He is preparing the way just ahead of you.  
Isaiah 64:4; John 15:5; Psalm 36:9 

Bless and Be Blessed


  1. Nice work on your closet. Give me hope for mine. I had it under control and then the holidays happened. I was trying to figure out how to deal with my bags but those hooks are just what i need to do. Enjoy!

  2. popping in after i googles a "sedimentary cake" and found yours! great job on the closet!!


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