Why Blog It?, Day 2 Cleanse Phase

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Last night I was so pumped and energized about the amazing things Advocare is doing for the New Year that I put on my new running gear and went for a run.  Boy am I out of practice...I finished my 5k, barely but that is really not where I want to be.  I'm shooting for 8k by the end of next week.  When I did my first challenge, I could barely walk the 2 miles...please keep that in mind.   This is why I am blogging my challenge...1 for accountability and 2 to help anyone who is doing it too!

What products do I use before a workout?  Currently I use Muscle Strength, O2 Gold, Catalyst and Spark.  
What products do I use after a workout?  Then, I follow up with Rehydrate and Night Time Recovery before bed.

Day 2:
After a quick shower I downed my fiber drink and Spark together and 3 Catalyst to give my metabolism a boost.  After preparing a healthy breakfast for my boys, I made myself a Berry Meal Replacement Shake and 3 OmegaPlex.  Shooting to have 1000ml of water in my body before my Mid Morning snack and that includes my fiber drink and shake. 

Mid Morning:
Before I let myself get hungry I am having an apple and almonds. 500 ml of water.

30 minutes before lunch I am going to take 3 Catalyst to feed my body a little protein before time to eat.  When I sit down to eat I will take 3 OmegaPlex as well.
Click picture for the recipe from Fast Paleo
Today's lunch is grilled chicken.  I grilled enough for several mills on Day 1 and so I only have to pop it in the microwave.  I am also microwaving a sweet potato and topping it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and Ideal Brown Sugar.  Yum!  For my greens on my plate I am having a dark green salad of baby lettuce, balsamic vinaigrette, topped with a sprinkle of dried cranberries and almonds (wasabi/soy flavor for kick).  500 ml of water with lunch, it's just one tall glass or one bottle of water.

Click the picture for the recipe from McCormick
Mid Afternoon:
All afternoon I drink an additional 500 ml of water until snack time.  Today I will take 3 catalyst again for my protein with a handful of Triscuits and some Pineapple salsa. I will drink another 500 ml of water until dinner.

For dinner we are having a Rotisserie Chicken with fresh home cooked collard greens splashed with white vinegar and cauliflower, seasoned with the "butter" spray. Another tall glass of water or bottle 500 ml.

Before Bed:
We all need a bedtime snack.  Mine tonight is simply pistachios.  There are some new flavors out there that are amazing.  Tonight is going to be the sweet chili which will help me drink the last of my water.
I will finish my last bottle of water before going to bed and take my Herbal Cleanse tablets.

I found these pistachios at Wal-Mart (...photo courtesy of)

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