Transformation Begins, Day 1 of the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

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I am starting my THIRD 24 Day Challenge (24DC) today.  I still have plenty of weight to lose, inches to drop and muscle to build.  I am looking to improve my workout performance and my running time and distance in the next 24 days.  The first challenge I did was kept very private.  I didn't share much about it, the second one I did was with my husband and so, this one is all for me and for YOU!

So many people have questions about what is involved with the 24 DC and I figured, what better way to give you a glimpse and help you out when you do yours, than to document mine.  I may not spend much time in detail about my day because I mostly want my readers to get a feel for the routine, the meals and the changes that happen along with way.  Don't feel overwhelmed with today's post, it is alot of information...tomorrows will be short and sweet!

Days 1-10

Day One for most people is the hardest day!  I look forward to it. 

I started my day with the Herbal Cleanse: Fiber Drink as soon as my feet hit the floor.  I mix my fiber drink with 10 oz of water and a scoop of Spark Energy Drink.   I pour them into a blender bottle together and shake hard, then chug and done!  3 Catalyst go with that.

The fiber drink is going to help remove waste that has built up on the inside and scrub the colon.  Eliminating waste in the beginning is key to helping absorb more nutrients later.  It also helps me to feel happier and have a more pleasant mood because 80% of our bodies serotonin is made in our gut.  I mix it with the Spark for flavor and to get energy first think in the morning, within 30 minutes are am feeling great!

30 minutes later I will mix and drink my Meal Replacement Shake, my favorite is Berry and Chocolate Mocha but Advocare has 4 different flavors.  I will go ahead and take 3 OmegaPlex with that as well. 

The Meal Replacement Shake is not just a protein shake, it is a full meal.  It has a 1:1 Carb:Protein ration.  That is important because drinking that balanced meal first thing in the morning helps to stabilize blood-sugar while the body has been fasting.  It has everything you need in a 220  calorie shake, I like mine blended with ice and I love using a milk shake straw...makes it a real treat in the morning. 

The OmegaPlex is amazing.  The Omega3 Fatty Acids help to wash out the bad fats and replace them with good fats, it helps your metabolism and overall cardiovascular health.  Advocares OmegaPlex was rated as one of the very best by Dr. Oz.  It is not the same as taking "fish oil" it is pure and does not give you that "burpy" fish taste later.

Mid morning I have a healthy snack or just 3 Catalyst in place of a protein.  This mid morning snack keeps my metabolism up and gives me more energy while not allowing my body to know hunger.  Hunger equals a lower metabolism.   My snacks include a fibrous fruit (not bananas) and a protein such as Almonds in portions that that I pre-pack so that I don't over snack out of the bags.  A small handful of each.  1 500ml or 16.9oz bottle of water goes with that!  Plus the bottle I'm drinking from in between meals.

Lunch  and Afternoon Time:

30 minutes before lunch a take 3 catalyst for added protein before the meal.  Today for lunch I had a spicy grilled chicken with Ginger Sesame Dressing on Baby Greens with cranberries and carrots.  I also took the remainder of my OmegaPlex  2-3 more capsules with food.  Advocare recommends 4 a day but 6 a day is the max.  I like to do 6 a day during my challenge and then cut it back to 4 a day after the 24 days is up.  Drinking LOTS of water at this point.  By lunch I should have consumed 4, 16.9 oz or 500ml bottles.  That water consumption also includes what I drink for breakfast.  I'm shooting for 1 GALLON in a day which consists of around 8 water bottles.

Mid Afternoon Snacks for me consists of 3 Catalyst and some fruit or a health carb.

What is Catalyst?  It is amino acids.  I didn't realize how important these were during my first challenge.  During my second challenge, I took them more seriously.  Not only did they give me better muscle support and energy for workouts but they help protect muscle during weight loss.  It feeds the muscle so that the body is forced to burn fat.  It creates a more sculpted body instead of one that is flabby from weight loss.  We all want to be as tight and toned as possible.  It is also a good alternative for a bedtime snack.  It will help your metabolism stay up even at night, burn calories, feed your body and prevent you from being hungry in the middle of the night.  I also drink 2 more bottle so of water before dinner if possible.

Dinner is the easiest for me because I only have to worry about a meat and a vegetable.  Steamed and seasoned veggies and a lean meat.  I prefer chicken, turkey and fish.  NO CARBS after 4:00 p.m.  Don't want those fat builders floating around in my system if they aren't being burned.  Tall glass of water to go with it!

At bedtime I have a protein snack or 3 more catalyst.  And another tall bottle of water and my Herbal Cleanse Tablets.

Day 1 is done!  

I will not be as detailed with products for the next 9 days!  I will simply share the basic routine and meals that I love!

If you are interesting in learning more about the products please feel free to e-mail me or visit

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