New and Improved Spice Drawer

Sunday, October 23, 2011 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I finally took the time to update my spice drawer so that it doesn't look so messy.

This is the spice drawer before.
You can click the image of the old drawer to read about how and why I decided to make my own little drawer rack.  My poor old spice bottles look so much better now.  I'd like to thank Martha Stewart for the label template but I think she should add some to her repertoire or make it easy to add our own spice names.  Photoshop was the only thing that saved me on this project and my many, many unused labels from Label Universe.

What I'm most crazy about is the pretty plaid lining for my cardboard supports.  Oh and the labels fit perfectly on those metal magnetic tins for spices too.

I also mod podged the tops of the labels so they wouldn't smear if they get wet while cooking.  I'm thinking that if you don't have label paper that you could just mod podge everything.  Use the shiny mod podge on glass though. ; )

Here is my next project.  If I could get my husband to put my shevlves up in my big pantry, I'd be set.  Until then...this has to be organized better.

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