The Saga of Being Left Behind...

Thursday, November 20, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Oh yes, Jake was upset.  And I thought I was the one who cried on Tuesday.  Poor Jake...just can't be excited for his brother.  Where is is playmate going?  Why does he have to leave?  Why can't I just go too?

It just goes on, and on, and on, and on.  So I decide to give Jake a bottle his morning snack and let him watch Thomas the Train on VHS.  Yep, we still love our VHS...

Don't worry little guy!  Evan will be back soon and when he get's home we'll slice that bread that momma's been bakin' and put some good ol' butter on it and have a snack with all your brothers.

He'll come home!  I promise!  So, when it's time, we'll sit back on the front porch and rock away, waiting on the short bus school bus to drop Evan off and then we'll wait on Cooper to trot in dragging his everything coat and bag.

But in the mean time, let us celebrate the triumph of Evan.  Happily getting his coat on and waiting on the bus.  He picked the perfect spot, right on the whole hay bale.  It's stickely and warm and in the sunshine.  It's perfect.  And when Evan beebops to the bus and climbs right on up, Momma's heart sinks because he doesn't cry for her and he's happy to go.  : (

He just climbs right up in the bus and swaggers right to his seat, where they buckle him up tight and send him on his way so he can learn to speak like a young man because this handsome fellow is going to be the President of the United States in 2048!  Why my kid?  Because he's special!  He's smart and works hard at everything he does and he disagrees when it's appropriate and is overjoyed with mediocre-ness.
HA!  My little president in your spiffy coat! 



  1. Was just thinking about Christmas coming up and how hard it is to find safe toys, especially for small children. The government finally acknowledged that PVC in plastic toys poses a lead poisoning risk (plus the phthalates and BPA)but they are allowing manufacturers until mid 2009 to continue to produce them - so plastic toys are off my list. I'm looking for good ol' wooden or cloth toys for my 14 month old (but even mass produced cloth toys can be filled with plastic pellets!). I found some good alternatives online (Haba toys of Germany, Maple Landmark in Vermont, etc.) but didn't know if any of your blog buddies produce safe alternatives?


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