Who's TRAUMATIZED more...Me or Him

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

First of all, his face is always this messy!
Second, I just put my baby on a BUS...he's going to get help with speech and he didn't want to get on and it was so hurried that I almost had a stroke when I stepped off after buckling him in a car seat, which I couldn't get to adjust right for his size. ARG!
I'm BOO HOOing over this!
P.S. I have a friend at the school that's watching over him, so I feel MUCH better! But still...BOO HOO!
P.P.S. He's home!!!! I kissed him all over his baby face and he's mad at me now! I DON'T care!
P.P.P.S = What does P.S. stand for anyway? I had to look it up because I thought it was french for some reason. It just means "post script". DUH!


  1. Oh my heart breaks for you! I'm so glad you have a friend to check on him. Nothing is worse then sending a crying child off without Mom, but actually it's worse on Mom.

    Go visit me today for a little love!

  2. He is very cute! And I am glad he is gone. My son is 7 and I still miss him when he is at school.


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