My favorite new paint color! Spa...

Sunday, March 25, 2012 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

A new fresh coat of paint for my living room.  The color I chose was "Spa" by Benjamin Moore.  Love this color on my living room walls.  It is very subtle and is a very little sage green.  Which goes well with my sky blue entry way.  I am seeing some changes I might make.  The bright colors in the entryway may be a little much but I love them so they'll have to find a place.

I also took down my pallet and painted it with a very, very pale pink.  My dad thought it was crazy when he heard I used a pallet on the wall in my living room but just look at it...

I think it is quite beautiful, in it's ruggedness and given a new live other than just being a "skid or transportation flat".    Plus, I love it simply because it helps display my most treasured memories. 


  1. I love your color. That pallet is very cool!

  2. The pallet is great!  Love it!  And that green- so pretty.

  3. I LOVE your pallet and your entry way color. It's the prettiest blue. The new color looks good, too. Blue and greens are fine together. :)

  4. Such a beautiful blue! I love how you have used it.... just LOVE it.

  5.  after seeing your post on your "spa" color, and I was thinking "no one never paints a wall this color, it is so original and new!" and then I watched a movie in the evening, and it seemed like every house of the movie had a room painted this color! I think it was because the movie was turned in England, and that English people must love this color! (I'm from France, and we don't see those colors around here! (maybe in bathrooms and toilets!)
    but, I'd like to say that it looks very fresh and pretty!


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