Silhouette Shrinky Dink Charms

Sunday, January 16, 2011 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

The kids can't have all the fun with Shrinky Dinks!  I mean come on.  It didn't take this mom 2 seconds to get in on the Shrinky Dink fun.  We colored and cut and I experimented.

Coopeman making Hiccup a dog tag.
 I ran upstairs with a piece of Shrinky Dink paper, pulled up an image of the silhouettes of my babies and used my computer screen like a light box.  I traced the image of the silhouettes onto the Shrinky Dink paper with a fine tip Sharpie and added their names and the year of the silhouette.

I know it doesn't look like much before hand but these started off at about 2" tall and then I put them in the oven on parchment paper.  Oven was set on 350 degrees as suggested on the shrinky dink instructions.

The above picture is the Shrinky Dink in action.  It is curling in the oven and looks as if it could not possibly come out right but it does.  I added the charms to a necklace that a friend gave me last year.  The charms are so delicate and fun to look at.  

Then for fun, I made these.

A one inch circle cutter and a regular hole punch made these super tiny buttons.  I'm thinking how cool would it be to sew a button in your child's jacket with the owners information for just in case.  Also, fun valentine buttons to wear on your sleeve.  Bigger whole punches would give you so much more freedom.  I really need to find my 2" whole punch.

P.S.  After I posted this I started looking for other Shrinky Dink ideas.  Check these out.

You can find my source here.
Happy crafting!


  1. You can also print directly onto the shrinky dinks! A friend of mine does that and makes it into jewelry she sells. That silhouette idea is awesome though! I am going to have to do this to make my sons silhouette into a necklace for me.

  2. gorgeous! I'm a shrinky dink fan. I do pretty sewing pins with shrinky dink tops when I give pin cushions as a gift. Love the button idea!

  3. ADORABLE!! That is REALLY cute... great for mom's, or grandma's!! It is so hard finding grandma's gifts these days! I just may go make 3;) I love shrinky dinks... great job and great idea:)

  4. We LOVE shrinky dinks!! I'm glad to see that I can print directly onto them, I'll have to try that! I wonder if I could print a photograph on them, or if it would shrink too tiny to recognize the picture? If not, there are so many things that could be done with them! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Here's a post I did about it, ages ago! those shrinky dinks are fun aren't they??? I'm going to try your button idea for sure!

  6. My wife loves your blog! I've visited this blog many times to look for cool gift ideas.  My wife collects Custom Pins like the one you have posted above. She has them for almost every occasion you can think of. Great blog!


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