Happy Fall Ya'll (A Craft)

Friday, October 01, 2010 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Scroll to the bottom for the Poem!

First have your child put his or her thumbprint in orange on the paper with craft paint.
Once dry, make a little pumpkin like above and add your own message. This is a close up of my pumpkin, I chose to do just black markings over the orange. They are just quick pen strokes and curly lines. I'd thought about using a dark green but I couldn't find the right pen.
Click to enlarge.
This is the poem I printed and attached to the card. I wrote it myself, isn't it cute!
Glue the tubes into rolls and let them dry, then glue one end. There is a better tutorial on here by Skip to my Lou, I think she covers all the right bases but here's my version. Oh, and these are made from half sheets of paper.
Once the bottom is glued shut, stuff your little pockets with your poem and candy.
Then, seal the other end. I did it in the opposite direction like Skip to my Lou (her button is to the right), but you could do it the same direction, too.
This was my final result. I did 20 for Cooper and 18 for Evan!
Here's the little Poem I wrote...
My thumbprint is so little There’s not much it could be But when I paint it orange A pumpkin you can see I pressed my little thumbprint I wanted it to be A special little pumpkin Because it’s made by me.
(you can steal it, go ahead)

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  1. That is so sweet! Great and easy craft for little ones. I had found a similar idea using thumb and fingerprints to make a turkey with feathers for Thanksgiving place cards. Adorable.


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