A Family that Cooks Together...Eats Together!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

My boys loved their Aprons and I'm loving them in their hats.
The hats make them work harder I think.

I love the design of the hat and the apron is reversible.
But what I love most is that tonight, instead of turning their noses up at the green beans, they ate them.  They didn't bawk at the garlic on their roasted potatoes, they ate them.  They also even loved their grilled chicken with BBQ sauce and cheese.  YUM!

Cooper got his owncutting board and was disappointed he didn't get his own knife.  However, he didn't have any problem cutting the potatoes tonight with my knife.  Maybe next Christmas baby.
I do think that this little man will be the chef in our family!

Visit my Shoppe for the pattern for the hat, apron and oven mitt

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  1. Ok seriously, that hat and apron is just too cute! Looks like I'll have to check out your Shoppe! And thanks so much for your comment and stopping by Theta Mom!


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