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One year ago today

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

I know this might be a little crude but it was the funniest thing my 6 year old has said in awhile. Since my child doesn't know the given term for certain body parts, he has to come up with some words of his own. Today our baby, Jake, was playing outside in his little swimming pool, his diaper was full of water; so I took it off. He sat and played in the dirt where I was working in our yard for awhile, got up and started walking around with nothing but a little T-Shirt on. 
Cooper, the 6 year old, says "MOM, Jake has a dirty butt and he has a dirty "slot".
I looked at my husband and said does he mean a "crack"? 
Yep! That's what he meant. He didn't know what to call the "crack" part so he's named it a "slot". You'd think as much as we've said "Jake has a crack in his butt, we have to hold it together!" (he likes to be held) Cooper would know what that part was called. Ohhhh...Cooper
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  1. That is hilarious!

  2. it's so funny to hear things they come up with! one of my daughters called her breasts her elbows for quite some time :)


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