Cry Little Boy! Cry!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments's so hard to not strangle your own kid when he's mean to someone.  Why is it that kids don't always have compassion?  Why do they take a weakness of someone else and make them feel bad for it?  Why do they take something special about another child and turn it into something that's "wrong" with them?
Several weeks ago Cooper had been picked on during breakfast at school...I contacted his teacher to let her know and to express that "Cooper would never do that to another..."  now for the last week, I've gotten reports of him making "crazy faces" and "making fun of another child's' lunch box" to the point that that child had to get a new one.
So, I'm sitting here wondering why???  Is it because it happened to him?
What would you do?
Right now he's writing apology letters.
I've cried over this...I mean cried.
My husband and I don't treat people that way, we don't treat our kids that way.
I know it's part of growing up, learning how to love and interact with others.
However... I just want to make sure that I don't fail my children.
We are careful who he plays with, we take him to church, we teach him right from wrong and we pray over him.  I know that we can expect slip ups in life.  Cooper is the kind of kid that if I said he would "never"...I meant it.
I love that kid!  He's a good boy with a tender heart.
So, when I lose my temper a little, I regret it.  Hateful words may escape when he says "I don't know why?" over and over.  
I said to him..."DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, to hurt anothers feelings?"  "DID it make you feel good make fun of that little boys lunch box?"  After asking these questions and several more like them...
THERE!  That's what I'm talking about!

On his behalf...he did write this last did make me smile.
He wrote it last night and it was meant to be a song.

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  1. This is so hard! It really hurts to feel like we're not doing our job as parents! I can tell that you are a wonderful mother, and I believe that in the end, our children cling to the teachings they received in the home, and will end up making us proud!


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