Day 3 of Advocares Cleanse Phase, Eat Yourself Skinny

Sunday, December 30, 2012 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Sunday's are always a rush from the time we get up to the time lunch is complete.  This is why it is good to have a plan for what I am going to eat and to make sure my pantry stays stocked with healthy food.
What kind of food do you eat while on the 24DC?  Think...Clean.  One of the purposes of a meal plan and guidelines for the challenge are to help you get rid of unhealthy cravings, to fuel your body and to get back in the habit of making healthy choices.  You can not starve yourself skinny on this plan.
I thought carbohydrates are bad, can I have them?  Yes actually!  In order to keep your mind focused and clear you need healthy carbohydrates.  In order to have energy to burn more fat, you must have carbohydrates.  Low carb/ No carb diets do work but they leave your body wanting more and that's why most diets put you back on carbs but there is no need to go cold turkey.  When choosing carbs at the grocery store you need to simply pick the healthiest option, the more grain the better and buy nothing that is white or says "white".
Day 3:
While fixing my family breakfast I chugged fiber drink and Spark together and took 3 Catalyst to give my metabolism a boost.  After serving a healthy breakfast for my boys, I grabbed an Advocare Meal Bar and took 3 OmegaPlex while getting ready for church. Still shooting to have 1000ml of water in my body before my Mid Morning snack and that includes my fiber drink and shake. Easy Peasy!
Mid Morning:
Before I let myself get hungry I am having some Wasabi & Soy almonds with Okra Chips. 500 ml of water. Drinking water is much easier if you snack on something spicy.
30 minutes before lunch I am going to take 3 Catalyst to feed my body a little protein before time to eat.  When I sit down to eat I will take 3 OmegaPlex as well.

Today's lunch is grilled chicken.  I grilled enough for several mills on Day 1 and so I only have to pop it in the microwave.  I am also microwaving a sweet potato and topping it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray and Ideal Brown Sugar.  Yum!  For my greens on my plate I am having a dark green salad of baby lettuce, raspberry vinaigrette, topped with a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.  For added veggies I am eating turkey bacon wrapped organic green beans and sprinkled with the Ideal Brown Sugar.  500 ml of water with lunch, it's just one tall glass or one bottle of water.

Mid Afternoon:
All afternoon I drink an additional 500 ml of water until snack time.  Today I will take 3 catalyst again for my protein with a handful of veggie chips and a little guacamole. I will drink another 500 ml of water until dinner.
Taco Salad: This consists ground turkey, browned and seasoned with taco seasoning.  My dark green lettuce, olives, salsa, hot sauce and fresh baby bell peppers.   Another tall glass of water or bottle 500 ml.
Before Bed:
We all need a bedtime snack.  Shrimp cocktail (6 medium-large) with super spicy cocktail sauce.  This helps me get the rest of my water in for the day.  I will finish my last bottle of water before going to bed and take my Herbal Cleanse tablets.

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