Jar Full of Stars

Saturday, November 05, 2011 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

You know how you see an idea and you just have to make it happen, not matter how long it takes?  Or in my case, how bad it makes your fingers hurt?

I sate for hours today folding stars for a reward jar in my classroom.  There are several tutorials/ideas that I pinned on pinterest.   This is the tutorial that was my favorite.  I'm in love even thought my fingers really are sore.

The idea with these is the same as when I used marbles.  For every good deed I see the children get a star, when the jar is full...reward!  I could have done bigger stars or a smaller jar I suppose but I really wanted a ton of them so that the kids could earn a reward based on MANY good deeds done.


  1. One year the kids and I made several jars of these for their school fete bottle stall. When we looked at the stall there were none there. Turns out the school prinicpal bought all of them before they went on sale (and paid a pretty penny for them too I might add lol) and the following year he always kept a little packet of them in his pocket to hand out to kids in the halls for things like 'having a great smile' and 'being nice to a friend' that sort of thing. My daughter was tickled pink when she was given one for helping with something and it was one that she had made! Such a neat idea!

  2. What an awesome thing to do.  I'm in love with the idea of using stars as rewards.  Thanks for sharing, I'll have to remember to keep some in my pockets too.  


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