Unsubscribe!...take that Junk E-mail

Thursday, July 21, 2011 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

I know at times it seems like an impossible feat but it can be done.  This week, I have dedicated a few minutes everyday to click on those little "click here" to unsubscribe links on some of those e-mails that are clogging all the good stuff in my inbox.  Now, I might not miss that important e-mail from one of my professors or even my husband. 

It just feels so liberating to click that little button and end one of those 100's of junk e-mails that I get a week.  Go ahead, try it.  Give that link a quick little click and BAM!

Now I feel like my Outlook can exhale and so can I. 

P.S.I know it's my fault for subscribing to all those good coupon deals but let me tell you...just open another account.

Oh and...
P.P.S.Just don't unsubscribe from my e-mails because such good, unsolicited advice like this just isn't junk.  


  1. The new Yahoo mail has a designated unsubscribe folder, you just click and drag the email.  I LOVE that!

  2. Sounds like Yahoo is a good way to go!  Thanks for sharing that.  I need to check it out.

  3. I have been doing that too and it is so nice to not have so many junk emails every day!!

  4. I need to do that.  I was for a while and then stopped for some unexplainable reason.


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