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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I had to share this...it was found on a website called Sharenator.com.  The reason I found it was because I was informed today that an eBay seller was selling my free patterns.  So, I was doing a little research to see if anyone else was too.  The seller was not only selling mine but some of SkiptomyLou.org's.  Now, Cindy at skiptomylou is awesome and I'm a little tickled I ranked up there with her on the eBay scandal.  My listings are gone but from what I can tell, the seller made a profit of about $20.45 on something that I give to all my readers for free, even if you don't actually read my blog.  I just want you to have them.    I want to thank my devoted reader who reported the fraud.  As frustrating as it was, it was kind of entertaining reading the sellers response to my "catching her" in the act...

Hi Aimee,
I have removed the pattern from sale. I am sorry
that I misunderdstood your pattern as is says that
it is ok to pass it on as long as your details
remain on it. I was only covering my costs for
time and ebay / paypal fees.
Thanks for clearing the matter up.
 The patterns indicate that you can "sell" the items you make as long as you give me credit for giving you the pattern...not sell the pattern and give the customers a direct link to the free one I offer.  Seriously?!    Anyway,  I understand everyone does their best to give credit were it's due but it's another thing to down right sell someone's stuff.  This was my laugh for today.

Still I'm impressed that my blog ranks right up there with the Vatican...what does that mean anyway???  A rising empire?  Maybe.  Doubt it... : )


  1. I'm really impressed with the Vatican City thing but someone was selling your pattern???? !!!! Yes, I was yelling as I typed that question. I can't believe that someone would so bold as to do such and awful thing. Wow is all I can think of to say to that or at least all I should type on a public blog. So sorry that it had to happen to you. Pam

  2. Yes, unfortunately...she is sitting on that she did nothing wrong. I asked her to send those that purchased the patterns an explanation and a refund. It's really not like I lost any money, it's just that other people did that purchased them under false pretenses. It may not be much be she admitted it was to pay for her fees on Paypal and eBay...which is even more astonishing I suppose and apparently I am a "sad little person". I wish the "little" part was right. :) Oh, well..

  3. Hi, Aimee. I don't understand that paypal or eBay thing coz i don't buy online, much more sell online. That's why i love your blog, where i not only get free patterns, but also learn more about Christ love - Mission 52, and others; (so a free pattern is a just a bonus). I wish I have time this summer to sew items from your patterns.

    I'm sure you have forgiven her:-) I agree that she should inform her buyers that patterns were not hers; those are free; and direct them to your blog - they'll learn a lot, not only download free patterns from this site.


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