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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

A few weeks ago, I decided that I'd give this diet thing another try.  My doctor "encouraged" me to try it back in April...of 2009.  I tried it, lost 12 pounds and kept it off.  YAY me!  Then he changed my meds and I couldn't stay on the diet.  The meds were my miracle drug that would for sure help me lose weight.  Only, they made me TOO nauseous.  Like, a pregnant woman that throws up every day for 9 months nauseous.  I'm done having kids, I didn't want to feel like a pregnant woman so I stopped taking the meds.  No miracle drug for me I guess.  Then in June of this year, another miracle drug, it was working.  YAY me!  Then I started breaking out in a rash...well, CRAP!  So, I was put on a pill this time instead of shots.  (Oh, just in case you didn't know, it's for Type 2 Diabetes cause I'm SO fat)[now rolling my eyes].  

So, I told my doctor who informed the pill would not help my weight but it would control my sugars that it seemed ridiculous to just "treat" the diabetes and not get rid of the problem, me being SO fat.   So, with help from my husband for the first time EVER he is doing the diet with me.  "The diet" isn't really a diet, it's more of a new view of eating.  Think Mediterranean eating, yummy fish, grilled veggies, etc.

It's guaranteed to work.  Seriously 7 pounds this week has left my body!  GONE!  I can't believe it.  Now, I need 7 more and then 7 more and then 7 more...  It sucks being FAT and it feels good to eat good food so what's the problem?  I'm a carboholic.  Really, I am.  

Hello, my name is Aimee and I am a carboholic.

I fall of the wagon.

I keep getting on, so that's a good thing right?

Now, I need to quit paying the gym to look good and start actually using it.

Do you know what my favorite snack is...celery with laughing cow cheese.  It makes Cooper laugh when I fix my snack...sometimes he moo's.  Not sure what his deal is but anyway....

I want to give my girl Amanda a shout out and her husband Kevin for doing this with me even though they are skinny people.  I promise I'm not jealous because that would be wrong.  WRONG I tell you!

What should my reward be after 14 pounds????  What would your reward be?


  1. I LOVE your blog, your crafts, your style and your attitude! :)

    I am right there with you. I would reward myself (and plan to) with a new top, and maybe a new haircut. :) Not new, just a trim. LOL! Good on ya! You CAN DO IT!!!

  2. Aimee
    I've followed your blog for some time now and I really admire you. Your craftyness, your walk with the Lord and how you raise, teach and love your kids really inspire me.
    I am sorry to hear about your health-issues. Have you tried cutting out wheat? There are lots of resources on the internet explaining how wheat is the cause of a lot of health problems especially type 2 diabetics. And weight problems.

  3. be encouraged, you are doing a great thing! reward yourself with something not food related, like a massage or haircut, or a new top.. something that shows off what you've lost!


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