All is Right with the World for Now...

Sunday, September 26, 2010 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Is there anything cuter than neatly folded doll clothes?
Sure there is!  My little boys clothes folded, ironed, hung and not a stitch dirty.  Thanks to my dear, dear husband who not only decided to buy me a washer, top loading like I wanted; he also got a front load washer too.  Yes, my husband spoils me sometimes.  This is one of those times.  Two washers and one dryer is PERFECT for us.  I hang almost all of our clothes instead of drying them so I don't need to dry as many as I wash but I wash TONS (literally, I swear, I weighed them against our pet elephant one day).  Oh "weight"  that was just a dream or nightmare rather.  Anyway, we are scratch and dent kinda people, nothing fancy for us, give us the commercial version with a scratch on the side at 60% off and we'll take it! 

Plus, we went shopping for this major appliance (that we needed last week,)yesterday with 5 kids(we thought we'd add 2 extras to try it out) .  Honestly, it felt kinda good to have 5.  Made us wonder why we stopped.  HA HA HA!  Just kidding.  Seriously though, there was something special about having a few more tag alongs that day.  It even had us talking about the Duggars.  ENNNIE WAYYY!

I stayed up until 4 am last night to see my washers actually run a load successfully and then ran a weeks worth of laundry in one evening.   I'm DONE!  I can't believe it, it's like I've been given the gift of time, not just an extra washer.  Let's see what I can accomplish before bed tonight.  

P.S.  I was so blessed today by our church service.  The music was moving and gave God so much praise.  I love singing that "I am a friend of God, He calls me friend."  It truly overwhelms me sometimes when I think about little ol' me being a true friend of God.  I hope I live everyday as a true friend should be.   I thought to myself, I wish I could sing Amazing Grace and we actually sang it at the end of service (YIPPEE!).  i love the part about "Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come."  WOW!  God truly gets us through our trials and that just so happened to be what our sermon was on, starting in Psalms 91:1.  I love it when a preacher changes his plans for a sermon so he can preach what God wants him to preach at that moment.  Those messages are always so powerful.  Even my dozing husband sat with his eyes glued to our preacher THE WHOLE TIME!  Now, that is a blessing!  Truly it is, I think he's borderline narcoleptic.   He gets still and his eyes close.    Still, it was a blessing to be in God's house today.  

I'm praying for a wonderful, joyful week.  I let the devil suck my joy last week!  Not this week!  God's going to help me fly high!  

P.P.S.   Pray for me if you will and my weight loss.  It's a health issue not vanity.   I need prays for strength my friends...thank you!

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