Old Things Needs Fixin': A Lamp

Friday, August 13, 2010 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

Our boys are getting new rooms...well, they're the same rooms but they are switching up and the middle boy is getting my old sewing room, which was the nursery and has beautiful wispy clouds all over the walls.  So, he is getting an Airplane bedroom, only with a twist.  His airplane has crash landed on a island and he's basically a "cast away".

What does a lamp look like that belongs to a cast away.  Well, I imagine it would be rigged out of an old can and some burlap sack of some kind, if he were lucky enough to have some sort of burlap sack and an old lamp.

This poor glass lamp is about 16 years old.   My husband bought it for me when we were dating because I liked it.  It's a perfectly fine lamp but goes with nothing in our house now so I think between it and this old can, it'll make a great lamp.  This is how I did it.

I used my alligator tool thingy and punched two holes side by side in the back for the cord to run through. 

I took the lamp apart and ran the cord through my punched holes.

I used two nuts to attached my metal tube to the can.  One under and one over the whole in the top of the can.

I ran the cord up through the metal tube (conduit) and screwed on this black piece (name unknown).

I reattached the wires to the socket and pulled the cord from inside the can to fit the socket back into the black pieces that has no name.


I used a lamp shade I had and wrapped some burlap around it, I didn't want it to look finished but rather just wrapped around something for a shade.

To cut the fabric I gathered it as I cut around the base of the shade and then cut a little patch, to of course patch up a hole.   I'm thinking an old looking label might look neat...


  1. Woo Hooo-- I have all this stuff at my shop cheap!! United Gift Shop, 79 Tennessee St, Ringgold.. come get supplies to make one just like Amy's!!

  2. Hi there! Random question, but where did you find the quilt on your son's bed?? I LOVE it and am looking for something similar for my little boy! :)

  3. I totally love this lamp, I´m just wondering: did you fill the can with something - like sand or something? and did you close the bottom with what? Thank´s for sharing this.


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