Homeschool Week 1: Just in case you are wondering...

Saturday, August 14, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

  • Well, Monday was a good try and Tuesday was almost a bomb (I cried a little).  My Papaw passed away last week so I was NOT prepared but felt like I HAD to start because school was starting for everyone else.  First mistake, worrying about everyone else.  I vented to a few friends and felt better.  
  • Wednesday, I spent a few hours at the library with Cooper looking for books about the colonial period and rocks & minerals.  SUCCESS!  We even found a video and spent a good deal of time READING!  YAY!  It's hard to get a boy to read sometimes.  We dug deep into the colonial period and did quite a bit of research, comparing stories in different books and discussing what we'd learned on Monday and Tuesday that was in line with what we were reading. 
  • Thursday some friends came over to help me finish what I started before my Papaw got sick.  My house had been turned upside down for too long.  See, the boys all flip flopped bedrooms and I gave up my sewing room (ugh, it's a mess).  While I worked, Cooper spent his morning sorting Rocks and Minerals and boy did he do a good job!  Then he used a "field guide" and labeled all the rocks.  He then proceeded to look up what minerals the different rocks were made of and was MOST fascinated with the blue quartz.  P.S.  Thank you Amanda for the amazing back of rocks!
  • Friday (today) was definitely different.  We had breakfast together and talked, which we never get to do.  I actually talked with my 8 year old.  We left and went to our local Schoolbox to purchase materials.  I spent what felt like an arm and a leg, you know that moment at the register when you feel your blood pressure rise.  I'm excited about our materials though.  I just couldn't go with a particular "program" and I'm glad I didn't.  
On the way to Schoolbox, Cooper asked me about Papaw.  So we had a meaningful discussion about how important it is during our time of loss to know that we have given our lives to God, that we have acknowledged His Son and accepted our Lord and Savior.  What was more important was that we discussed our purpose and God's love for us.  It brought tears to his eyes to know that he was loved before time and the he was important to God in a BIG way.   It was a lesson learned that he would NEVER have learned today if he were in school.  It was heartfelt and spontaneous and directed by God; very sweet and tender.

Then we got back on the subject of his rocks and started discussing diamonds and coal and carbon and everything in between.  So, when his Daddy came home and asked him how school was today.  He said, we didn't have school and then I said, "Tell your dad about diamonds"  and a wealth of knowledge poured out of him.  The only thing he didn't say was "organic matter" because we just talked about organic matter (trees, swamps, etc) but didn't label it as "organic matter".  I'm sure he would have understood it though.  Then he told Daddy all about the landscape he was going to make using the colonial people that we bought and we even found miniature animals and people at a junk store.  So next week, we are doing a big landscape and making houses and wilderness and an ocean with boats, etc.  

So, I'd say today was a success.  Makes me excited to start next week.  I know I'll have down days and up days but this feels so natural to me.  I'm also enjoying my son.  I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.


  1. So glad that you found a way that works for you. I am glad that you are enjoying your experience :)
    I am enjoying my kids being back to school lol!

  2. Have you heard about the Tellus Museum, it's about 45 minutes from Ringgold down 1-75 and they have exhibits of rocks and minerals...and there's always panning for gold in Dalhonega (sp?) which is a fun fall trip :) One thing I'm going to love most about homeschooling is all the fun field trips and treating everywhere we go as a classroom!


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