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Tuesday, June 01, 2010 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

So, I LOVE trips to Wal-Mart.  They are the highlight of my shopping experience.
(note my sarcasm please).

Picture me at Wal-Mart with my husband and 3 boys.  All we are buying is 3 packs of Kool-aid squeezes.  I am in line with all 4 boys, they are being good, including my husband.

Evan starts to run over to this really cool quarter machine that makes your money do tricks and you get nothing in return.  He just wants to look, Cooper takes off after him...a whole 3 feet away, so that he can boss Evan around.

Checkout Lady at Wal-Mart:  "Did you see the look he (Cooper) gave that little one (Evan)?

Me: "No." and Jake runs around to see too.  James is right behind them.
Checkout Lady at Wal-Mart: "OH, and there's ANOTHER ONE!  Girl, you've got to put a stop to that."
(Meaning, I should NOT have anymore kids. Seriously, that's what she meant.)

Me: "Don't worry!"
(I manged to make my lip bleed trying not to bite her head off.)

Isn't it wonderful that checkout ladies know so much about family planning!?

I love my 3 sons!

So, the next time someone says something like that, what should I say? 
Give me some good ones please.
They are going in my "book".


  1. Oh wow. I guess it doesn't matter what state you live in, they must pre-screen employees that say stupid things.
    I just say "seriously?" to just about who's ever made an off remark, or has done something rude to me.

  2. I have four children, and luckily live in an area that appreciates children for the most part. However, when I have encountered such "helpful" suggestions I just say, "Aren't children wonderful? I can't wait to have more!" They are instantly silenced, and I can make a quick getaway.

  3. "O, I have more at home."
    "Well my husband and I love sex so much and that is how babies are made. We don't plan on stopping any time soon."
    "I'm planning a baseball team."
    "Well, we got a tv in our room but that is now where we watch our porn."
    "The Duggars are our heros."

    Any of these will stop people in their tracks. I had someone at church ask me if there was a TV in our bedroom. That was a big mistake. The pastor overheard my response (O that is where we watch our porn) and thought it was hilarious. He has five kids. People are rude.


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