Don't Worry About Your Tooth Charley

Saturday, April 24, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I almost burst into hysterics at the ball field one afternoon.  It's not bad enough that my middle boy does the pee-pee dance when up to bat...every s i n g l e time!  I think he must get nervous because we take him to pee before every game.  I guess it doesn't help when the game starts late.  

Anyway, there is this one little boy on the team who is just about as cute as they come but he could care less about his position.  His dad yells, his mom yells and sometimes even his baby brother yells...but the one thing that almost had me in stitches was...

"Don't worry about your tooth Charley!"

Charley isn't his real name of course. 
Let me tell you, around our house if a tooth is loose that is WAY more important than holding down the bases.  That might not be the case for everyone's boys but for mine, a loose tooth is a distraction for months.  My oldest has had a loose tooth for almost 3 months now and my husband tells him it's about to fall out and I tell him it isn't ready to pull yet.  So he keeps wiggling.  Sorry, but if this mom is going to pull a tooth, it's going to be dangling.  I can only handle one cracking sound, not two.    The blood I don't mind or the empty hole, that's okay, it's just the sound or the feeling, or that I can't get a grip on the tooth.  

So, to hear a mom yell over and over, "Don't worry about your tooth, Charley" as if he's actually going to forget about it, is funny.  As a matter of fact, he probably should just sit it out.  Because the ONLY thing that little boy was worried about WAS his tooth. 

Can't you see it though, I'll be the mom in a few weeks screaming the same thing at her kid from the bleachers, hoping that my voice carries right to middle field and straightens my kid up.  But it won't so I won't and here's to all little boys who are wiggling their tooth/s on the ball field.  :)


  1. that's hilarious! great story!

  2. Too Funny! And I can see you laughing with your hand cupped over your mouth now!


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