Starting my First Vegetable Garden

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

If you haven't heard then let me tell you, because it's a great idea.
Save those egg shells!
When I crack mine, I crack the skinny end and pour the egg out, rinse and pop it back into the carton for a time such as this.
My kids like to collect seed packets and I'm bad about planting them, except for the year we threw out old sunflower seeds in my front flowerbed for fun!
Let me tell you, we were rich in sunflowers that year.
 Spoon a teaspoon or so of potting soil into each egg.  I literally used my old "tea spoon".
I love it because it has a long handle and it reaches into my potting soil back with ease.
Plus, it was my grandmothers so it makes all of these effort feel nostalgic.
The great thing about using the carton is it contains the mess
Now!  Put your seeds into your eggs, I put in several in each or just sprinkled them in becuase I have NO idea of they'll actually make it or not, so just like a fertility doctor I'm implanting more than just a few.
Write on each egg with a pencil the name of the plant your are going to grow in that egg.
Now water with ease! To moisten the soil under the seeds.
Add more soil to the tops and you're done.
Now set these beauties in a window sill for sun and keep them moist.
Let them grow a bit and put them out.
I'll show you the results as they grow!
Oh and I got this today on my Kraft "Food and Family" Magazine.
It's free so go sign up for their inspiring reads...
I'm supposed to be able to plant this card and it will grow into a crisp head of lettuce
to eat with my Kraft Ranch Dressing...which I do like!
Now this is something you will want the kids to enjoy!
So save those eggs, hunt up some seeds and get them involved in some good clean horticulture!
Stay tuned for the next step...first we gotta get these babies growin'


  1. We're doing our first stab at a rotating vege garden and although we've done smaller versions before it's given me great insight into seasonality - the kids are having heaps of fun checking on the progress which we document each week on my blog with pics etc.. we're up to week 7.5 now - and there's no turning back! is a great site to check which veges/fruits should be planted when and advice on common issues.

  2. Wow, I will enjoy following your progress in this. Mr. K and I want to have a garden with the kids but we are told our soil needs to be prepared for a good year before hand.

  3. Beautiful Wreck, my Nan told me when she bought her first block of land back in the 50's, that her and my grandad planted potatoes everywhere because the soil was dreadful and clay-like. They had enough potatoes to feed the neighbourhood apparently but it also conditioned their soil for the next crop and also their lawn!


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