Good Times!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

So, we went to my parents Mountain home in Mentone, AL which is on the Little River.
Look what Cooper found when he was swimming?
Poor little guy!  To be so ugly, he was SO cute.
So were these guys!

Plus...this little meat head wanted to ride the tricycle all weekend.
But Evan wouldn't let him, he'd say "Get Jakes bike!"  Jakes bike was twice as small and Cooper rode it like a mad man.
Poor guy just doesn't get how big he's getting to be.
My little man!

If you've never been to Mentone, AL...
pack up and go!
It's glorious!


  1. We have visited Mentone, because my hubby went to camp there for several years when he was a boy...we had to go see and show the kiddos where dad went to camp!!!

    cutie patootie boys!

  2. We have family friends in Mentone yet have never been. We should visit. Cute turtle!


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