Day 40: Grow Old Along With Him

Wednesday, November 09, 2011 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

I'm breathing a sigh as I post this last post of the 40 Day Challenge.  What an amazing journey this has been for me personally.  I started the challenge to strengthen my marriage and to force myself to study on what it means to be a wife to my husband.  It was time for a revival in my marriage.  There has been nothing quite so personal as spilling out my marital woes for all to read and nothing so impersonal as doing so on a computer screen.  

What I have learned in 40 days with God is that my marriage is much stronger than I gave it credit, that my marriage woes are in God's hands, that God will give me the wisdom to fix imperfections in my marriage, that the Word of God is the only book I truly need and because I have chosen to walk closer to God He in turn has blessed me with His guidance.  Let me share with you my blessings.

When I started this challenge, I was bitter and angry with my husband.  I felt unloved, unappreciated and our marriage was dull and dry.  In the course of 40 days, God has molded me and polished me and changed my entire outlook on my situation.  I realized that when I felt most helpless in my marriage, that I had the tools to make my marriage exactly what I wanted it to be all along.  God revealed himself in so many little things along this journey.  

Today was the 40th day of the challenges!  Today, while sitting in class I received a text message from my husband.  He simply said..."I Love You!"  It was something so small but meant the absolute world to me.  It made me want to jump up and down in my seat.  My husband never takes the time to say "I Love You" out of the blue., he's a busy man.  He says it everyday but never spontaneously.   He will not hang up the phone with me without saying "I Love You" but it's is different when it is out of the ordinary for a husband to do something loving.  For me, this was a golden moment and it came at the best 40th day.

40 days ago, I wanted my husband to do something small with feeling.  40 days ago my marriage was not the marriage I wanted.  Today, I am a changed woman.  Today, I am happy with my marriage.  God did not make changes in my husband without first making changes in me.  For that I am as blessed as can be.  I cannot wait to see what the next 40 or more years will bring for us. 

There is so much more to be learned and experienced that we couldn't possibly do it all in 40 days but if you have followed the challenges and posts, I hope that you have been blessed.  If you feel that they fell short of something, I encourage you to seek your own 40 day challenge.  These challenges are here for the using and I would love to know all about the blessings and works God has done in your marriage as a result of you studying and becoming closer to Him.

My prayer for you is that your marriage grows stronger and the two of you grow closer every single day in God's grace.

Today's Challenge:  To share with your husband your experience with God during the last 40 days.

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