Day 26: Paper Cup Light Houses with Mid-Craft Crisis

Thursday, May 26, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Hi. I am Glenyce from Mid-Craft Crisis. It is great to be here for the Summer Soiree. It's a bit chilly to be thinking summer here in Australia at the moment but hey, I am thinking warm thoughts :-)
Our youngest daughter, Amelia has Cystic Fibrosis and part of her treatment requires her to have medication from a nebuliser pump once a day. Each treatment Amelia and her twin big sisters, Esther and Ellamay do "pump time" crafts to help pass the time. 

Paper cup lighthouses

I love lighthouses. I have a collection of little wooden ones from souvenir shops. This craft was from a sudden inspiration that hit me when I was trying to decide what we could make using these LED battery operated tea light candles. I found mine at a discount store in a pack of 4 for $3.
We used a paper cup, a plastic cup, coloured paper, glue, markers and our LED candles. You can probably see how we made these. We covered the paper cups in white paper first and then added strips of red paper. Using our markers we added windows and a door. Then we added the bottom half of a plastic cup (which was a little smaller than the paper cup) for the top. We coloured the top with the black markers, added the LED candle and we were done!

Paper cup lighthouse lights
Ellamay added a Barbie sticker to her lighthouse because apparently Barbie can be a lighthouse keeper as well as all her other careers :-)
The kids loved this. They have their lighthouses in beside their beds now. The candles flicker just like real candles so it makes the lighthouses look great in a dark room. 

This would make a cool craft even with out the candles. Perhaps you could use some al foil in the top for the light. Or stick it over a torch. Or even glow sticks (that can sometimes be found in the party section). Just a few thoughts. (I probably don't need to point this out - but I will. These LED candles are not suitable for small children. They are a choking hazard.)
Have fun. If you have any great ideas for quick pump time activities, stop by and let me know :-) Enjoy your summer. Thanks for inviting me over, Aimee.

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