Poor Dress in Distress! Let Me Work My Magic...

Saturday, April 16, 2011 Aimee Larsen 5 Comments

The medallion broke off of the front of my favorite dress.  I was SUPER sad about it when it happened.  I always thought the medallion made such a fashion statement.

I'm telling you this is my favorite dress ever.  It's the same dress in my profile pictures.   I love it!  So, I had to rescue it and work my magic.

This was the dress in all its broken sadness.  It just can not believe that I am taking its picture in such a stressful state.  This is what I made to cheer up my favorite dress.

Isn't it lovely?  I've always wanted one of these, they aren't just for little girl head bands and I'm thinking I might have to make a few more and in different colors to change them out.  I just sewed a pin to the back of the flower  so that I can take it on and off and probably even wear it with other beautiful dresses that need rescuing too.

My dress is so happy.

For the tutorial on how to make these beautiful Poppy (like) flowers.  ClickHere


  1. Great job on the fix-up, Aimee!

  2. Your dress looks very happy now! (and pretty spiffy too!)

  3. I think so too. I can't wait to wear it to church tomorrow.

  4. that's beautiful and i just have to make some of those roses--peonies--whatever those wonderful things are for my girlie girls (granddaughters) and their mommas. thanks for sharing and your dress is lovely--fun way to fix it!


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