5 Food Prep Tips for Lean in 13

Thursday, May 29, 2014 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

It's simple, if I plan ahead I am successful.  So here goes.
3 days of burn, burn, burn
1 day to refuel

1.Containers Matter

My containers are as cheap as I can find them with at least 2 sections, if I can find 3 sections I'm in love.
Label your containers by simply writing on the top what days to eat and when.  Or there's always the gallon baggie method if you don't have time to wash containers but I feel this is the least wasteful.

2. Prepare Your Protein

Once you figure out what proteins you want, get them ready.  I like a variety of meats that are super lean.  Fish and chicken are my proteins of choice.  I have my husband grill them up and apply different seasonings to each for variety.  I measure and weigh my protein first to make sure I stay between 3-4 oz.

3. Pick your Veggies 

My burn day meals consist of veggies and protein only   I microwaved my steamer veggies and seasoned them as well.  I love mixed veggies, peas, brussels sprouts, broccoli, edamame, salads, etc.

4. Pick Your "Refuel"

My refuel meals feel like a special treat.  I get to include a complex carb with each.   I made a sweet potato puree and seasoned it with cinnamon, ideal (calorie free) brown sugar, and a touch of "I can't believe it's not butter" spray.  It whips up nice and airy in the food processor and I can save extra and freeze it if needed.  I also included a high fiber, low carb tortilla wrap for one of my refuel meals below with the chicken.  I will add fresh veggies in a baggie with homemade guacamole for the wrap.  Veggies for the refuel day are not shown but will be included.  Refuel days include a little complex carb side and fruit for snacks.

5. Pick Your Fruits & Snacks

Refuel days are amazing because you will really look forward to fruit.  Cut and prepare fruit as needed (if needed). Really mix it up and experience the flavors.  You will truly appreciate diversity when you refuel.

Fruits and snacks are put in separate containers and marked as to which days are for what.  Snacks include mixed nuts or edamame on burn days.  On refuel days I include nuts and a fruit.  Celery is a good filler, it's crunchy and it's like a little boat you can put peanut butter in.

I've got my gallon of water ready and I usually put it in the freezer for about an hour.  It's marked to show me my progress for the day.

Last but not least is my supplement regimen.  My afternoon snack of "Muscle Fuel" is already portioned in baggies and so is my "Post Workout Recovery" shake so I can grab it and take it with me.  All other products and even meal times are programmed into my phone to remind me. It's going to require some major effort to mess this up now.

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