Freezer Paper = Cheap Advertising

Thursday, October 11, 2012 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

I am cheap, everyone knows it... but I am also thrifty and crafty.
I purchased a shirt online the other day and paid $18.95 with shipping for a similar shirt seen above.

I am going to a conference this weekend called Ladies Alive for Advocare and I wanted a shirt!  Honestly, I needed a shirt.  So, I had this bright idea to try the freezer paper technique to make my own.

I printed out the logo from our selection of logos that we can use for advertising, laid a piece of freezer paper on top matte side up and using an exacto knife, I cut out the design.  I then ironed the freezer paper, including all the letters onto the shirt.  I painted with fabric paint and immediately lifted the freezer paper off.  I almost did a back flip in my kitchen!

So, for the price of paint, freezer paper and shirts I already own I can make my own shirts.
My son also got in on the action and created a few shirts.  He wore one to school this morning!  We have a new obsession.

You can do this for your business, school, sports teams, etc...  A friend of mine owns a Silhouette to cut designs and was super excited to see this.  I might need to by a Silhouette.


  1. I hate the word cheap i would say carefull you just simple cant spend what you dont have you just simple have to buget business all all about spending less and making more learn how to advertise your business on face book for free

  2. Linda Gayle Jackson HoltFriday, September 27, 2013

    You are certainly thrifty (not cheap). Thanks for another great idea.


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