Day 22: Marriage Mountain

Saturday, October 22, 2011 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Head: My head is swirling this morning as I write this.  I have so many thoughts and I'm praying now that God pour them out through my fingers in a way that blesses each reader.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see  Hebrews 11:1
At times we forget to rely on faith and to completely lean on it.   We often see our marriage as something we can fix, something that we have control over.  That is impossible!  I tell you, because there are two people involved.   One can not control the other and so, we can not fix anything we see wrong alone.
Marriage should be a duet- when one sings, the other claps.  -Joe Murray

I have heard all of my life that Faith can move mountains.  I have always envisioned an actual mountain being moved by faith.  This morning during prayer I didn't envision a mountain of rock and stone and earth, I envisioned one made up of struggles, hurt, joy, love and everything in the life of my marriage that we have been through, the streams brought by rain, the thorns, the gentle winds, everything that makes up my marriage mountain.  I also envisioned myself standing at the top of it.  I've climb that mountain everyday, every day it grows, it is weathered it and it is stable and grounded in is a proverbial mountain.  

Heart: Everyday, I attempt the top.  Our marriage has it's good moments, every single day.  Then I thought about what it means to be in a valley on the other side, is that really where I want to be?  On the other side of the mountain?  If I were on the other side, would I be climbing down?  Would I stumble and fall?  Would I slip and slide down the slope, all the way to the bottom of the valley?  That is certainly not where I want to be and remain.  I may start to slip and slide but my mountain is still there, it needs to be climbed.
In a successful marriage, there is no such thing as one's way.  There is only the way of both, only the bumpy, dusty, difficult, but always mutual path.  -Phyllis McGinley

So, I have realized that I am not alone when I climb this mountain; nor am I alone when I stumble or fall.  My marriage mountain wasn't made by myself.  It was made with my husband.  He is climbing with me, holding my hand.  He is my friend, my lover, my spiritual leader and he is perseverance has only made our mountain stronger.  

I have thought about faith moving mountains, if my mountain is going to move, I want it moved to a better climate.  I want sunny days, warm weather, hot sometimes and I even want the rain.

What is your mountain made of?  Are you still climbing?  Do you enjoy the top?  

In addition to Faith, the next few days challenges are going to be in relation to our Marriage Mountains.  

Hands:  Have a talk to God about your Marriage Mountain, listen to Him and take notes.  He has something to tell you.

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