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Sunday, September 04, 2011 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

I just realized it's been quite awhile since I have posted a blog post.  I've been busy.   So, lets see here...
Wood Signs
I thought the sign might just sum up my tardiness with my postings.

I have started my last semester of graduate school.  It's been two years officially and I'll be finished and graduating on my husbands birthday in December.  What a special day, right?  The classes seem almost too good to be true but the real kicker for this semester will be during in my "portfolio" of my work for examination by 3 professors followed by my Oral Exams with the same 3 professors.  Sometimes I don't feel like I'm a good speaker and I start talking with my hands to try to make my point and I think it annoys people so I'll try not to do that. 

My kids are starting school Tuesday, well at least the two oldest of the three.  It's REALLY weird that they are starting after labor day.  Around here they usually start in early August but because of all the damage to our schools from the tornado in April, they got to sit out for 20 extra days.  It makes me wonder about the kiddo's in other hard hit areas like Joplin.  My youngest is starting Pre-K later in the week and will go a full day all week long from now on.  I hope he can handle it...I hope I can handle it. 

Oh and I've been working out... and right now is the moment I wish "alot" was a real word.  I've been working out a great deal.  It feels so good.  It just wish the gym wasn't 7 miles from my house cause that gas bill is getting high.  It kinda feels good to wake up some mornings and feel that I've worked a new muscle I didn't know I had just because I tried a new weight machine.  The running is going better.  Last week was a bad week but I'm attributing it to a cough I've had and can't seem to get rid off.  Today, I ran a very short distance with my boys outside on a gravel road...my youngest boys are much faster than me and my oldest claims he didn't have the right shoes. ; )  I'm a slow runner...more of a jogger and I bet there are 70 year old speed walkers that are faster than me but hey...I'm doing it!

Oh and my oldest also had staples in his head recently.  He keeps telling people he has staples in his brain.  He put on a pretty big show at the ER and they thought they needed reinforcements but they didn't.  When it came down to crunch time he manned up and was pretty proud of how well he did.  Since the accident happened before dinner that night, he was treated to Krystals and Krispy Kreme.  The two things I craved when I was pregnant with him and those are the two things he loves to this day. 

We got rain today!  That's a pretty big deal.  We haven't had rain in 6 weeks and that's so unusual.  My husband keeps talking about how many trees will end up dying this winter because they had so little rain this summer.  Everyone's yard is brown and crunchy and ours was until we turned on the sprinklers, which I hate doing but we had some trees to save.  Our beautiful 7 year old weeping willow was crispy and our magnolia may not have been saved.   God is good and he sent the rain and what dies, dies and what survives will grow and give Him glory with it's beauty.  I'm pretty excited about the rain and for fall but I like calling fall autumn...Autumn is coming!

Oh and I have some new recipes I need to share...you'll just love their delicious goodness and they are healthy too.  For me, they have to be.  For you, you'll love them I promise.

So, what's new with you?  Leave me a note or a link so I can catch up.  Love you all!


  1. Cute quote! Thanks for the update on everything! What happened to your son?

  2. Oh, he fell in the back yard. He tripped on the sprinkler sticking up out of the ground on their playground and hit a Tonka truck.  I swear he had to have done a flip in order to hit it where he did but he swears that's what happened.  I didn't see it happen so I have to take his word for it I guess.  Although, the people at the ER kept asking him if he wanted to change his story and that got a little annoying. ; )  Thanks for asking.

  3. Wow - that's quite an update!  I cannot imagine going to school and raising children at teh same time, but then I'm pretty lazy.


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