Your Beloved Dishwasher Needs A Little TLC

Friday, August 19, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

While using a pouch of Kool-Aid lemonade might sound like a great way to freshen your dishwasher, an even better way is to get on your hands and knees and grab a screwdriver.  Trust me, this little tip may just save you hundreds of dollars...and then you can try the Kool-Aid trick.

When you are finished with this project you will understand how much care your dishwasher has truly needed and it will extend the life of the pump.  After we purchased our second dishwasher we'd had it about 3 years when it started doing the same thing our last one did and eventually the motor and pump burned up.  So, I decided to figure out what was going on.   (Please keep in mind that dishwashers vary and you may have to experiment a little to figure out how to take yours apart).

I removed the lower rack to reveal the "spinner" and obviously it was the first thing I needed to remove.

Unscrew or remove the spinner.

Next you'll need to remove the contraption that runs up the back of your washer to the wash the top because it is connected to the middle.  Mine pops out pretty easily.

Set it aside and remove the arm that connects the top and the bottom.

I twisted it to the right and it popped right off.

Pull out the center pin that holds the spinner.

Remove the screws that hold the filter screen down and in my case this required a special tool that my husband happened to have already but you may need to make a trip to the hardware store.  After you purchase a tool that you need just for the dishwasher, keep it in  a safe place under your kitchen sink.  The tool should cost no more than any other screwdriver.

Remove the silk screen and remove the next piece.  This is the after picture of the piece because I had cleaned it.  The build up on this piece is quite frightening and no amount of Kool-Aid will clean it.  Soap, water and a scrub brush will.  However, it gets even scarier when you remove it to reveal...

This is were the problem lies.  This is where the larger food particles or in my case shrimp tails and plastic get caught and eventually clog up the pump.

If you're squeamish, where gloves.  Feel around, dig deep and pull hard.  Once you have cleaned out this reservoir, replace all the pieces.  It's a good idea to take pictures as you go, so you remember the order in which everything came out.

Now my dishwasher is ready for service and those dishes on the top rack will sparkle again.  But first, I'm going to try the Kool-Aid trick!

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  1. Great information (and a little yucky too). Thank you for sharing.


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