I'm too cheap to buy a spice rack.

Monday, August 08, 2011 Aimee Larsen 7 Comments

This is my spice rack.  I know it's not the most attractive but it's a work in progress.  Meaning I'm trying to find the time to make new labels for the tops.  But what I love the most is how thrifty it is.  Instead of buying one of these...

I saw this in my "House Beautiful" magazine today.  It's pretty, but it's pricey or at least too pricey for me.

So here is how it looks from an angle so you almost can't tell how cheap I am.

All this is is 4 pieces of cardboard cut, scored and folded into place.  If the jars stuck up too high, I just trimmed a little extra off to make it lay just a little flatter.  Give it a try.  It's so easy I'm not even going to bother you with showing you how...unless you ask.

P.S.  I was thinking of covering the cardboard with some prettier paper, so that is a work in progress too.  One day I'll update this post with a finished view.  one day...


  1. You can make a cotton sleeve to cover the cardboard that can match your kitchen decor.
    Great idea, if you have extra draws.
    I purchased my wooden revolving spice rack at a yard sale and I have it on my kitchen counter.
    I too have renamed some of the lids for the spices I use.  I cut the name out of the label from the original container of spice for my lid and then taped it to the top of the lid.
    Blessings to you................

  2. Hmmm, I think that is a great plan.  I love the idea of covering it with fancy paper, or maybe a pretty vinyl drawer liner so it could be wiped!

  3. LOVE this!!!! 
    Lightbulb moment for me: ~current spice race taking up too much room right now, so I MUST make this now, LOL! Maybe simply spray painting it a glossy black (or whatever color)?? The paint would probably make it even sturdier too! Thanks for the idea! ~Rita

  4. LOVE this idea!  Thanks Kristy from  www.apronsandapples.blogspot.com

  5. What a great idea!  Thanks!  Kristy from www.apronsandapples.blogspot.com Love reading your blog!  Hope your running trinng is going great.  I am trying to really focus on whole foods eating and working out too.  GOOD LUCK with the 5 K!

  6. Great idea! I never would have thought that cardboard would hold up so well, but I guess the corrugation is stronger than I thought.

    Also, you could use Contact paper to cover it if you didn't want it to get messy. You could just wipe it clean. (However, there are lots more cute scrapbook papers than cute Contact papers.)

  7. Whoa! I like no-brainer and no-cost projects like this!!! It's so "why-didnt-I-think-of-that" sort of thing... ha ha ha Thanks much. 
    Girl from Manila.


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