Picnic for Superheroes

Saturday, June 25, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

It's a good day for a picnic...
Not because I didn't have tons to do but because I was invited.

I grabbed my camera and headed out to join my boys and this is what I found.

A picnic for super heroes that arrived by Radio Flyer and an International
I seriously wish I could ride that thing.

Fig Newtons, crackers and peanut butter were on the menu.

We did a little poking at the the clouds.  Poking clouds is so fun...just check out Jake's expression.

Watch for speeding cars.  I've got his number now... haha
Then it started to sprinkle so they took cover under the covers.   It lasted about 6 raindrops.

Jake  calls this hairdo, "Fireboy Hair". 

All in all it was a very fun picnic.  I hope I get invited back.

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