Elminate the CHAOS with Pinterest

Monday, June 13, 2011 Aimee Larsen 4 Comments

I'm just head over heals addicted in-love with Pinterest.  I have a little section called "Eliminate the CHAOS" and it's is dedicated to ideas that do just that.   If you need an invite to Pinterest just e-mail me and I'll invite you.  If you are already a member, please link up to me so we can share amazing treasures.  Here are a few of my Eliminate the CHAOS favorites...


House of Grace
Family Handyman
Creating Keepsakes
You're gonna love Real Simple ideas.


  1. Randi - Dukes and DuchessesMonday, June 13, 2011

    I just followed you on Pinterest and I'm going over to scan your organizational board ... love some of the ideas you posted here.

  2. Great ideas!  I started following you on Pinterest.  I just started using their site and absolutely love it.  It is addicting!

  3. I love Pinterest!  Glad you posted this, because I'm a blog subscriber via RSS reader, but didn't know you were on Pinterest, too.  I just started following you there, too :)  I'm sarahcap there http://pinterest.com/sarahcap/.  I have a couple of the pins you featured here on my Home Hacks board http://pinterest.com/sarahcap/home-hacks/ Come check it out. :)


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