Day 24: Miniature Sponge Cake and Pies with Cathie Filian

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Miniature Sponge Cake and Pies for fashion Dolls.

Make it: Miniature Sponge Cake & Pie

Miniature Sponge Cake
flat, expandable sponges, yellow and pink
Folkart - wicker white paint
craft glue
mini ribbons
mini beads
large button

1. Trace the bottom of a paint bottle onto flat sponges (2 on the yellow and 1 on the pink). Cut out circles and glue the three together with the "icing" (pink) layer in the middle .

2. Cut a small triangle from the circle (this will be a piece of cake). Wet the sponges, let expand and set aside to dry.

3. Paint the top and sides (not the inside) of the cake with white craft paint and let dry. Using glue, attach ribbon (frosting) around the outer edge and glue beads in a daisy pattern to the top of the cake.

Miniature Pie Materials:
bottle caps
tan felt
red seed beads (or color to match fruit of choice)
Quick Hold craft glue

1. Cut a thin strip of tan felt to fit the inside rim of the bottle cap and glue in place.

2. Put a small amount of glue on the inside bottom of the cap, fill cap with seed beads and cover with glue.

3. Cut very thin strips of tan felt; crisscross felt strips over the beads to form a woven crust.


  1. Wow these looked so real I actually read through to see if they were food!  Great job!  HOw cute.  I will need to make these with my 4 year old who loves her Barbies!  Thanks for sharing!  Kristy from

  2. I love this idea! I've just shown it to my 4-year old and she went "Mmm! Ah!" Thank you for sharing it!


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