Day 22: Moon Sand with Quirky Momma

Sunday, May 22, 2011 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Thank you for joining Quirky Momma during the Summer Soiree.  Below is a great recipe for making your own Moon Sand. 

Combine play sand with cornstarch and you get lots of sand fun!  What is great about this mixture is that unlike regular sand, it cakes together when slightly damp.  Almost becoming hard, but smashes back into sand.  All of my kids enjoyed playing with there new “outdoor only” tub!  I will warn you though, they were covered in sand when they were done!  The “clumping qualities” exist on clothing too – haha.  This was messier than regular sand, it didn’t just brush off until it was bone dry (aka when the kids were done and in the house).  This was definitely one of our more messy learning activities!

What will you need to make your own Moon Sand?

Play Sand, Cornstarch, Salt and Water. We also used a Tupperware tub and a sifter to sift our sand as our play sand was rocky. Want to make your sand even more fun? Add glitter or food coloring to brighten up their play!


How to mix your own “moldable sand”?

You’ll want to sift the sand if it has little pebbles in it.  You want the sand to be as fine as possible.  We added salt (an entire container)to help preserve the mix.  I know that cornstarch can spoil.  We made this three days ago I’ll let you know how long it lasts before spoilage.  Hopefully, a very long time!  After we mixed the sand and the salt we added our boxes of cornstarch.  You want the cornstarch to be roughly 1/4th of the mixture.  We used two boxes so we could have a few inches of moon sand to play with.  Next add water.  Mix and enjoy making balls and shapes and of course smashing them!  My son loved building walls for his cars to ram into! 


  1. Are u kidding me?!!! I cannot wait to do this! Thank YOU!

  2. Chypar PlompollMonday, June 06, 2011

    What a GREAT idea.  Thanks s much!!!


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