Day 10: 3D Yarn Art with A Girl and a Glue Gun

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Hi. i'm a girl.....and I have a glue gun. but let's not judge cause I'm not using my glue gun today (it's a kid craft...and my glue gun isn't low temp.....)

so it's all about summer. I used to love summers. LOVE. now...I am filled with the dread of '"i'm bored" and the "there's nothing to do"
and what about the "it's too hot to play"


I got this idea in my head and new my kids would love it...

I took some scrap wood.....(I have piles...but you could buy some for cheap)

and my kids painted it (they begged and pleaded to spray paint..but normally I would just give them  a paint brush and paint)

while they are drying..
head to your local home depot and buy some nails.
(this package was about 1.30...the only thing I bought...and I'm sure my husband has some but I was NOT digging into his tools...)

the only requirement is that they are straight ...and sharp on the ends (kind of goes without saying)

then I took a sharpie and marked where the nails would go

then I took a hammer and just "started the nails" (you they stayed up when the kids hammered)

[and this would be a fine and dandy time to tell you...that this is more for older kids. my son was 5 and was able to hammer *most* of the nails --we had a basic how to hammer 101 and safety....and we only had a few smashes on our fingers!]

then I gave the kids a hammer and let them go to town...

my son had a scowl in every's man's work...requires some serious concentration!

warning: don't start this craft if you have a headache...have ever had a headache..or anticipate ever having a headache.....

when all the nails were in  (not all the way...just stuck in so you can't pull them out)
we took some yarn

(in my free)
I cut a strip...then I just tied it on one of the nails

and let the kids start wrapping...
my daughter (who is 7 1/2 {that half is important}) was able to understand were to go...

my son (5) just did a random design

(see the scowl?)

then when they ran out of yarn..I just tied the end to another nail.

my kids had a blast. I could probably give them a hammer and nails and see them in 3 days.

you could do initials....constellations...really...anything. I think it would look awesome if you had 6 blocks all different sizes arranged on a wall.

 I dread summer so much I spent like a good week last year making my "summer of fun packet"--
I gathered a bunch of kids crafts, activities, and games to do to keep them busy all summer

so if you need any other kid entertainment this summer you can check it out HERE

and feel free to come and play anytime!
A girl and a glue gun
thanks so much to home spun threads for having me!!!!!

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  1. Thank you! Was so looking for summer fun for my son...6... And hs friends (girls and boys) ages from 7-11... To do this summer over a few days. Perfect projects to do after eating lunch and having down time before hitting the pool. AND adorable things to take home when they go.


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