Super Heroes vs. Mom

Saturday, April 09, 2011 Aimee Larsen 6 Comments

Right at this moment, I am sitting on the edge of my littlest boys bed.  I was in my bed.  Here is how my night has gone.

09:00 p.m.  started cleaning out "new" fridge.
11:00 p.m.  finished cleaning fridge
11:10 p.m.  put two little monsters into bed
11:12 p.m.  give littlest boy a bit of cough medicine
11:15 p.m.  asked husband why he didn't put the two super heroes to bed
11:16 p.m.  long hot bath and my BHG magazine from February, Valentine Issue.
12:05 a.m.  crawled into bed and asked husband if he was going to take a shower
12:30 a.m.  husband crawls into bed after shower
12:45 a.m.  watching "American Pickers" while husband snores and I try to snuggle
12:46 a.m.  find it painfully obvious that sleeping bears don't snuggle
01:02 a.m.  hear coughing,  give littlest boy vapor rub
01:04 a.m.  sleepy now, cut off TV....ah sleep.
02:26 a.m.  middle boy crawls into bed with us
02:34 a.m.  littlest boy crawls into bed...and coughs.
02:40 a.m.  I realize littlest boy is crying because he dreamed there is a bug
{bored yet}
03:00 a.m.  Wake up from a half sleep, dreaming about the word carnivore
03:15 a.m.   In littlests' bed, then asked to get water from downstairs
03:17 a.m.  Littlest feels like he's getting warm
03:20 a.m.  Can't sleep so I'm blogging

At first, blogging seemed like such a good way to document tonight.  It has been weird.  It's a sense that moms have I guess, that something is wrong.   Then, very quickly things start getting worse.  Jake is having strange dreams and so am I.  I was laying in bed trying to sleep with two super hero boys in the middle of our bed.  I was dreaming about scratching the surface of something and every time I did, something magical would happen...kind of like waves crashing on a beach.  It was like I was gently scratching the universe, as if I were scratching its back and watching it sigh with relief.  I think it was God's way of keeping my brain active so I wouldn't be groggy when my littlest started crying.

It was a soft cry that I could barely hear in my subconscious and he was crouched under the covers.  I asked this little 3 year old what was wrong and he said "there was a bug".  There wasn't a bug.  When I cut on the light he sat up and looked around and said I had "scared it."  I suggested we go sleep in his bed.  That sounded good to him.  So now, I am sitting on the edge of his bed, unable to sleep.  I tried to lay with him but my worrying kept me from relaxing, he felt warm to me...his feet and back.  That only means one thing...fever is coming.  

My littlest super hero gets sick every year between April and the end of May.  Allergies?  Maybe.  The last two years he was sick with a viral infection, pneumonia, or bronchitis.  For about two months I have been dreading this time.  I should have been praying about it but I didn't, I tend to pray more about the immediate and not the future.  I think that's why I am awake.  When I was in a half sleep state, my mind said...pray.  Sometimes a mothers prayer is just an "Oh God" in a sigh of desperation, He knows our needs as moms and sometimes our hearts can't find the words, but He still knows.

He's asleep now.
I'm sleepy too.
We are supposed to have baseball practice for all three boys at 10 a.m.  NOT HAPPENING!  I'll stay home now.  Plenty to do here.  Laundry should be number one, but number one is finishing my sons bunk bed redo.  Number two will be catching a nap. 

I think I will go find my old Bible, the one I don't carry much anymore that hangs out by my bed and has all the good markings in it.  Even with all the markings, I still mark even more.  One day I thought to myself, I should just highlight all the verses 'cause they're all that good.  I don't know why I just highlight one or two at time when they all should be.  

God answers my prayers you know.  Especially concerning my babies, because they are His babies.  I'm just here on this perfectly designed earth, living an imperfect life as a sinner with all the other sinners and we keep messing it all up.  I try to raise the boys I have been entrusted with into Godly men.  God and I need to have a talk tonight.  Cause that burden is too big to bear on my own.  These sweet little souls that I love so much are mine to love but they belong to Him.  It's my job to pray for them and teach them His ways.  

1 John 4:4 Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

This is the verse that God gave me tonight before I even opened my Bible.  It might just be my new favorite for awhile after the night I have had.  I had to look it up because I couldn't remember it exactly so I searched "Greater is He".  I'll share this with you because so many of the verses on this page were touching tonight.

Good Night or...Good Morning

God Bless the Reader of my babbling.
In Christs Name.


  1. Aw...hope your little one is better soon and that you get some rest. Thanks for the verse. It was just perfect for this morning.

  2. Hope your little guy is better soon. I am so familiar with nights like that! I sometimes pray the "Oh God" prayer too, and I am not sure who I am trying to remind that I can't do this or Him! I am just so glad He knows what I need and what those two words mean in the middle of the night.

  3. If you ask me - Moms are the super heros! - especially at times like these. :)
    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  4. You know you're right! I tell the boys all the time that I have my own cape in the attic. To them the attic is my fortress, it house all the good stuff. Thanks for the well wishes. He slept better last night.

  5. Thank you for the well wishes. He is feeling better but not quite himself yet. God is GOOD!

  6. Thank you so much for the well wishes. He is feeling better and hopefully will be himself soon. So glad the verse was meant for you too. We have an amazing Father.


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