Spring Break Bliss at Home

Tuesday, April 05, 2011 Aimee Larsen 0 Comments

Taste and See that the Lord is Good.  Psalms 34:8

I have this scripture on a plaque in my kitchen.  This morning, me and the little boys woke up to the smell of bacon.  My husband and oldest son had cooked breakfast together before they left for work and school.  My oldest had spring break two weeks ago and now the little boys and I are on spring break.  The smell was intoxicating, I'm thinking even a vegetarian would thing it smells wonderful.  My kids love turkey bacon and so my husband cooked this morning and when they left, we came drifting down the stairway like in those cartoons where their noses carry them to whatever smells so delicious.  After watching Dinosaur Train together...

He's got his Momma's eyes.

Jake decided that he wanted strawberry muffins shaped like dinosaurs.  Thanks to our new Nordic Ware muffin tin, that is possible.

It was a gift to my oldest son from James and I for Christmas, he loves to cook and LOVES muffins, while the other boys LOVE dinosaurs.  So more bacon and a few dinosaurs later we were enjoying a nice relaxed breakfast together.

Most importantly, the boys and I are going to spend this week relaxing and doing fun stuff around the house we never get to do.

Like cleaning their rooms from top to bottom and dreaming of new bedding so that their beds match since they are in the same room.

Or like putting away all the laundry I folded last week or put on hangers.

Or going outside to make Hiccup the Dog work on his fetching skills.

Or teaching the boys the proper way to ride the "shooter" (aka scooter).

Or maybe even we will clean up our breakfast mess from this morning (and dinner mess from last night) and start all over...I think we might be in need of some sort of homemade cookie today.

Looks fun right? 

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I had told Cooper he could pick two days to stay home from school this week since we were on Spring Break.  He picked Monday and Wednesday because he didn't have tests or would be preparing for tests those days.  Smart boy!  So, tomorrow he gets to stay home and I get to make up for the crappy day he had yesterday while I hulled up on the sun-room couch to finish my semesters work for school, yelling at them to keep it down cause I couldn't think and stressing that "outside" was much better than inside.

We plan on taking Psalms 34:8 seriously this week!  Yay us!

Thank you Dear Lord for weeks like these.

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