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Friday, September 10, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

Last night I had a dream that I found a baby girl which stirred me.   After I woke up and talked to God this morning about it, I realized that the night before I had sent a letter to the little girl in Ethiopia that we sponsor, Hadra.  Her birthday is coming up, the same day as my middle boys, Evan and the same age as my oldest, Cooper  I sent her a birthday wish via e-mail.  It is so awesome that I can do that for her.  The e-mail is sent to World Visions home office in her country, translated and sent to her.
A Child You Can Sponsor

I don't think I'm allowed to show you her picture but she is beautiful.  She is a sweet gift of God to the world and I can't wait to see the woman she becomes.  Cooper says we are a family of 6, not 5 and he's right.  Even though we are just her sponsor, we are becoming attached to her.  She does not have a large family as her mother and father are no longer in her life, her mother disappeared and her father died of Aids and she lives with her grandmother.  Praise God, she has family who loves her.

Information will be sent to you about your child.

When you sponsor a child, you are committing to $35 a month.  It is a long term commitment but if my family can do it, yours can too.  If you can access Internet, go out to eat occasionally, you can make room in your monthly budget for a child.  Our account is automatically drafted so that we don't even miss the money and we are seriously considering adding another child to our sponsorship.  We wanted to make sure we could do this for one child before we sponsored another.  
Medical care is much needed.

World Vision is the best!  I love them.  Anytime I call, I talked to a person who genuinely loves what they do.  There is no pressure from them and our debit card expired and I didn't realize it had until I got a gentle reminder in the mail to update our information.  They keep me updated on Hadra's progress and encourages me to reach out to her.

It not only feels good to know that we are doing this for a child but it also feels good to read her updates.  I was brought to tears when I read that the one thing she valued most about her education that we were helping to provide, was that she was learning how to give God praise.  In my own home, I am able to contribute to God's greatest request of us, to go out unto the world and tell others about Him.  I can not wait for the day when God provides for us a way to go further than our own home.  

So, while I swore I was taking a hiatus from the blog to do God's work in my life and others.  I felt a strong urge to express my joy with my readers.  All of this being said, I truly want to encourage you to visit World Vision and take part in their mission to take care of children around the world and help them bring the Word of Jesus to them and their families.  Sponsor a child.  It is a commitment that we can all afford to make.  Pray about the decision and let God open doors for you.

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  1. I love that you do this. My husband and I have been struggling to have children and we are very interested in adoption. I have always felt like I was going to adopt even before we realized we were going to have problems with fertility. I can't wait until we are able to change the life of a small child somewhere who needs us!
    Congratulations for doing this and for inspiring so many other people (including me) and your family!

  2. Thank you for posting on this!  I have a HUGE heart for adoption.  We have 4 children and one is adopted.  A sweet  and spunky little girl that is 2 now but we got her from birth while living as missionaries in the south pacific.  I hope to adopt again sometime.  Right now my youngest is 1 so I think my husband wants to wait a year or so, but I sure hope God has that for us in the future.  Her adoption story is on my blog at . Thanks for your encouragement to focus on what God has as a priority.  "True religion is this, to care for the orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James something (chapter 2 I think?)


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