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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 Aimee Larsen 2 Comments

There is this little store in my home town of Ringgold Called United Gift Shop.  I don't think that I have ever walked into this amazing treasure trove and not walked out with something fabulous.  I even drool over the stuff on her side walk.  When you walk in your eyes want to look at every square inch of this place.  There is something special in every nook and cranny and plenty to look at.  So, when you come, come with time to kill because it goes by FAST.

This is Joy, she is the owner and proprietor of this hometown antique store.  She's the one on the left with the super cool tie dyed shirt.  Chances are if you come in you'll meet her and you'll love her.  She is ready to move some merchandise so if you need help finding an item or need some direction in gift giving; ask her, she's a genious!  (Yes Joy!  I'm sucking up!...I'm really laying it on thick.  Love ya!)

On Thursday, August 19 United Gift Shop along with other local businesses are hosting a Girls Night Out.  This is their last fling of summer.  Downtown businesses will stay open late with fun, food and shopping deals.  This is the communities last change to let loose, have fun and end the summer with a bang.  Participating businesses include: The United Gift Shop, Uniktings, Bits of This and That, Gregory's and Hair Affair.  That's a really spectacular line up of shops!

I recently purchased a truck load of antiques, including a cabinet for my sons room and several other treasures that my kids and I found for less than $60 including tax.  I found some seriously great stuff.  So much so, that I wanted to go back the next day to find something I might have missed.  As a matter of fact, there's a certain chair that I'm about to die to have.  I'm not telling you which one so you can't run down and snatch it up. Cause once you see it, you'll know what awesome is!  However, there are SO many other items in the shop, you WILL find something you can't live without.  See here is one of my super finds...

I was looking for "fishing" stuff to go in my little ones "fishin'" room and I found this.  $30 and it was beautiful in his room.  It' is perfect for his clothes in the middle and then I'm adding shelves to one side of the doors for shoes and the other side will have a rod with his clothes for the week hanging in them.  It's really short, only about 4 1/2 feet or so.  So it's perfect for a little boy.  There are so many other beautiful things to find...

Joy and I decided that we needed to do a giveaway on HomeSpun Threads for her shop SO, we after a great deal of discussion it was decided that you can enter to win a gift certificate to the United Gift Shop for $50!

$50 Big Smacka-roos!

I'm so excited to offer you this.  If you do not live locally and would like to enter to win, it may be harder don't you think, to pick something out?  So, if you enter and you aren't local, we'll pick something fabulous for you and the $50 will include shipping.  If you live locally, you are one lucky duck!

At United Gift Shop there are around 9 or 10 different vendors so you are truly getting a good variety of items to choose from.  You are also getting 9 to 10 times more eyes out looking for great antiques and fabulous junk.  These people have a passion for finding the best stuff out there.  They all carefully consider the items they bring in so that you can find something special. 

So, are you read to enter to win?  It's easy.  You MUST enter your name and e-mail address for every entry and here's how you can enter to win.
1.  Click the entry link below and enter to win AFTER you click the "Follow" button on the upper right side of this blog.  If you are already a follower of HomeSpun-Threads, go ahead and enter to win.
2.  Post this giveaway on your Facebook profile, twitter, blog or anywhere else people you know can read about it, then you can enter again below.
3.  You NEED to attend Girls Night on Thursday, August 19th and enter to win at United Gift Shop.  Look for the entry jar at the register.

Good Luck Ya'll!


  1. I love Joy's store! I went in just the other day and like you always find something great. I cant always buy it but I always find something!!!

  2. Did you ever announce the winner?


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