Day 24:God Breathed

Monday, October 24, 2011 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

Well, yesterday was a prime example of what happens when you open a book someone wrote for profit instead of God's word for advice.  I was disgusted, irritated and now down right pity the authors of the books I attempted to read.  The very first chapter of one wanted to define love and the other wanted to tell me all about how she gave up on her marriage as soon as it started.  Seriously? 

Head: God stepped in and showed me that I needed to work on the direction my marriage was going.  He didn't like it.  Neither did I. I started writing these challenges for myself and asked that you join me.  I have a prayer list longer than my arm right now because of the e-mails I received and I am praying.  What I want you all to realize is what I have realized tonight, that the answer to our marriage woes, is not in a book by a famous minister or a revered christian author or my blog posts; but that our answers are in a place that most of us already own, our Bible.  It's God's Word...inspired by Him.  What other book or reference do we need.  Now, I admit, I would like to have a steady supply of scriptures right at my finger tips to pull from for my posts.; but you know what?  I would if I'd spend more time studying God's word and less time looking for a quick reference.  Same goes for you sister.

Heart: Around the first week of September, just after labor day; my husband lost his job.  The job he'd had for 6 years.  I am probably the only woman whose husband has lost his job in this economy and been happy about it.  Number one, I knew the job was slowly killing him and number two our marriage had been suffering.  A week before he was given the "pink slip", we'd had the biggest fight of our marriage.  One that made me call it quits.  I was done.  My husband was completely miserable and he was making all of us miserable.  I knew the instant that I saw him when he walked through the door and started to hand me his release papers that it was God.  Sure, circumstances may have led up to that day but if it had not been for God stepping in I am not sure I would have had the strength to keep trying.  Because I knew that this was a God thing, I know that He is in control of our lives and is working on something big.  In the mean time, my husband and I have had more time to study God's Holy Word and to spend more time with our Father.  We are leaning on Him and seeking out His Will for us.   Sometimes, when things get so bad that we feel we can not go any further, God steps in and takes over.  He's got this!  I love Him and trust Him with all of my being.

Hands:  This is a simple challenge that will take time.  Pray with me that God opens his Word for you and reveals the scripture He wanted you to read today for the sake of your marriage.  Open your Bible and read, listen to God.  Listen more and talk to Him less.

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  1. Amen! Thanks for the good reminder-that He has given us the answers-we just need to seek his face!


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