Jakes Lovey (aka Doggy)

Thursday, October 08, 2009 Aimee Larsen 3 Comments

Never in my life as a mom have I encouraged my children to get attached to an object other than their pacifiers.  Which, they have given up all on their own.  They have thrown those "sassies' away.  It could be a bad thing I guess to let them get attached to something and then for it to go away
it could simply be a fact of life and a lesson learned.

In the last few months or so my little man Jake has pretty much kept a close eye on a new lovey.

His name is "Doggy" and doggy likes to go to movies, eat Popsicles and read Goodnight Moon.
Doggy has been around a long time, he is almost 8 years old.  However, he just never found the right "master".

Until recently.
and now he has a new best friend.

I think Doggy is happy!


  1. Oh, that last picture is just so, so, sooooo sweet! I had a "lovey" growing up...it was a pillow I rubbed sooo much, you could see the stuffing on the inside! :) When that was officially destroyed by love, I moved on to an old de-stuffed rabbit that was my dogs toy before we sold him... :( Kids are funny that way. :) But, I don't have (many) attachement issues now...so, it's all good! ;)

  2. How super sweet!!! That last pic just melts your heart.....


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