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Wednesday, September 09, 2009 Aimee Larsen 1 Comments

When I say my life is chaotic, I mean it!  It could be worse, I could enroll my children in sports but that's coming soon enough, I'm just praising God it's not right now.   So, the last few weeks I've barely been in my sewing room, which is my haven.  But I did manage to whip up a few new beauties.  Along with some others and I have some special ones I made for my cousins baby shower this weekend.  OH CRAP!  I forgot to put it on the calendar...doing that now!                     Whew!  That was close...anyway...they are more stunning than any I have made and I can't wait to share them with you!  But that'll be later.
Obviously anyone that has a 2 year old and crafts has this problem right?!
For almost a solid week, Jake would walk up to me and show me his art work...usually around the eyes.  Not sure where he's finding all of these markers but it resulted in a clean out of all the toy boxes.
After finding about 15 markers in this toy box alone, I decided it was good thing I checked...I'm really overly tired of Magic Erasing my walls.  They are now just works of art!  I know I'm not the only one, right?
What is amazing though is when I start to use my camera and I have to change my batteries again because they are low and I'm thinking "wow, they sure wear down fast." and then I discover why...my 7 year old is taking pictures of book selves, light fixtures, TV's on and off, window treatments and himself...
Jake did not feel good Friday...ran a fever so after his big brothers left...
I got down the crystal biscuit bucket filled 1/3rd full with Easter candy and let him have at it.
and I don't know about you but that picture alone made me feel better.  Let me just say he didn't eat that purple marshmallow egg after all...who would? YUCK!
But bless him, he felt bad!
By Saturday night he was better and we went to Alabama.  Yes, Alabama!
It is absolutely beautiful there but my favorite picture from the whole weekend was my baby and his cousin eating lunch on a cardboard box like a couple of hobo's.  No offense to hobo's.  Aren't they sweet.  Right there in the gravel!
See, cause Sunday all the big folk where smokin' the ribs, BBQing everything, the chicken and bologna!  Yes...it's a family favorite.  BBQed bologna...I'll post about it upon request...it's divine and Paula Deen can't beat it!  But those babies where hungry and didn't want to wait on BBQ all day...so Maw/Mamie (me) fixed lunch for those hungry fella's and NO ONE was willing to pull them up a chair so they just squatted. 
Also, I made Jake where his "Crabby" shirt!
Guess why?!
Oh remember the writing on the wall...see it there!
But my favorite picture for the whole two weeks is how my camera took this beautiful picture of my son and his heavenly features!  He's mine...all mine!
and now back to my regularly scheduled program of the boring life of a supermom/grad student/self proclaimed amazing wife!  Looks like fun, aye!
Actually, I'm enjoying the learning part...not the "WHERE"D MY TIME GO" part.
I'll be back...
My hiatus is still in affect....
ya, right!

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